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Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Weather Made Clear" / Weatherwise - May 3rd Inside a Tornado

Image: Photo of a book recently purchased through Amazon. I checked this book out from the Elementary School Library (Freedom 7) innumerable times while in grade school. Maybe not so ironically, the goal of this blog is to have "Weather Made Clear" (in understanding, not conditions).

UP-TICK STORY: "Getting Tubed" - due to lack of weather in recent days and days to come over Central and South Central Florida, some future posts will include both our local weather forecast (abbreviated) as well as a very exictedly documented account concerning the experience of being inside a tornado published in both Weatherwise magazine (many years ago) as well as the book "Weather Made Clear", pictured above. This account is very descriptive in nature, as witnessed on May 3, 1948 at McKinney, Texas. I have been granted permission from Weatherwise to include excerpts from the account, but not in full, as that is where the first print of the account was published prior to that which is in "Weather Made Clear". I think you will find this very exciting to say the least!

TODAY: Large cut off low pressure near Bermuda is slowly filling and moving east today. This system is responsible for the small craft advisories, rip tide warnings, and larg surf the past few days. Although the system will move out, oceanic related symptoms will linger through Tuesday. Overhead, a full latitudinal ridge of high pressure has been extending from the Yucatan Peninsula, across the Eastern Gulf, and northward to Eastern Canada the past few days. Anticyclonic flow around this high pressure has created northerly component winds across the state, and sharp pressure gradient winds between the high and that low well off to the ENE has generated the large ocean swells. Additionally, we've had the added benefit of a very dry atmosphere although a thin layer of enough moisture has been evident between 3-5,000 feet to generate patches of stratocumulus clouds from time to time. All will stay the same today and for the most part Monday as well.

TUESDAY: Both the ridge and low pressure area press further east as a very large trough pushes east across the nation's mid section. In response, surface winds veer more toward the SE-S by day's end. There is a slight chance of a coastal rain shower from Daytona and points south during this transition in the morning, but only very slightly so. Of benefit, will be the slightly warmer temperatures, especially over night Monday night through Wednesday night.

WEDNESDAY: Morning should dawn with rain shower over much of NW Florida and parts of North Central Florida with a warm morning low temperature elsewhere in the state, especially along the east coast as a cold front makes its panhandle entrance known. If it's going to rain anytime before Thanksgiving it will be Wednesday afternoon and evening...particularly north of a Melbourne - Tampa Bay line. I say 'before', because Thanksgiving day proper is still up for grabs.

THURSDAY-WEEKEND: Initially temperatures will be like they've been the past few days, but an eventually warm up will be quick to follow as the next frontal system approaches very close to the Thanksgiving Day time frame. We can get more exact on the 'when' as that time draws closer.

So, as you can see, no significant changes in temperature or rain chances seem to be on the horizon for the next week other than a better rain chance on Wednesday and a return to slightly lower temperatures shortly thereafter, but those chances completely diminish by late in the week. We will moderate over the weekend with a return to weak, onshore flow (winds) and more benign weather other than patches of clouds and maybe a cloud sprinkle.

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