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Friday, November 13, 2009

O' Happy Day...Blue Skies Are on the Way

We can finally breath a sigh of relief! We can put the kabash on the nasties..over, done, book closed, the End! Just look outside which by the time you read this I'm sure you already have. See the blue stuff up there? Get used to it because it looks like we'll be seeing a lot of it for perhaps a full week. There are hints that low clouds could make a come back late this afternoon, but I'm going to favor the side of optimism and go with the all's clear. You can see from the visible satellite image that those low clouds aren't all that far away really. But I think that with some somewhat drier air filtering down the peninsula during the course of the day and with N'Easter Ida drifting ESE that those clouds won't be able to make a come back.

Also included above is the early morning temperatures across the state. As you can see, they were pretty uniform across the boards 'cept up in the Panhandle where you'd expect it to be cooler anyway this time of year.

For today, seems that with the coastal low lingering off the mid-Atlantic and not moving much during the course of the day that we will maintain some frisky northwest (NW) winds throughout the day, but nothing all that bad. They might pick up a notch during the early-mid afternoon as just over head they are still pretty darned strong, and some of the those could mix down to the floor. But overall, looks like to be a very nice day, with a high around 70-73 degrees.

Tonight, although temperatures will fall, even the coldest locales probably won't get below 52 degrees. The extreme immediate coast may not get below 60-64 degrees as the northerly winds blow across the warmer waters of the Indian and Banana Rivers.

As we go into the weekend both thumbs are up. Skies to remain mostly clear with a few higher clouds moving in late in the weekend, with temperatures on the mend. Morning lows will again be much cooler west of the rivers, but the coast will probably never fall below 63 and never get warmer than 78. Not much more to write about really...not for quite a while. Although there is some skepticism in the longer range for rain showers to make a showing from Wednesday on, we can leave that possibility for another day. In closure, as we move into later Monday and points on out, it looks like the southern branch of the jet stream will be falling into a typical El Nino position, that being streaking from WSW to ENE across the GOM (Gulf of Mexico)..and almost directly overhead. This usually results in periods of high cirrus clouds and beautiful sunsets. If you head to the beach this weekend (all thumbs up for you if you want to actually go in the water)...just be advised that some dangerous rip currents could be around..and there might be some decent surf as long period swells come in as that coastal low moves away and gradually becomes by a faded memory (or nightmare if you live along the N. Carolina/Virgina coats). Want to see snow anytime soon? Head toward SW Kansas late Sunday and into Monday...:-). Not touching thay territory until Tornado Season rolls around.

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