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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Warm Statewide Today, Breezy Early

Image: Visible satellite image captured after launch of Discovery yesterday shows in the circled area the contrail visible from space. With close inspection one can see the contrail plume in the center of the circle.

RECAP: Storm system that gained much hype in the weather world prior to yesterday continues east toward the Mid-NE Atlantic coast this morning as I type, in a much weakened state. So far there's been 10 tornado reports all in all, but none of them appears to have been a major headline maker. But there was some significant damage reports filtering in. Other than one, all the reports came in from Arkansas and Tennessee, where in Weakley it was reported that tombstones were pulled out of the ground and in Davidson two churches were damaged. "Holy Moses!". There are some reports of rather significant damage but none of 'total destruction'. There was also 202 wind damage reports and 4 of severe category sized hail.

TODAY: The related surface cold front will continue into N. Florida today. Preceding the front clockwise cirulation around high pressure to the east and south of Florida will generate a brisk SW wind late morning through early afternoon, with gusts to 25-28mph possible, but they will weaken by 2-3pm. Some clearing early should give way to a generous portion of afternoon cumulus type clouds this afternoon with the high in East Central Florida perhaps breaking a previous record (at MLB at least). Today's record their is only 84F, and it appears that is easily within reach considering I expect to see widespread low-mid 80s with a few spots in the upper 80s South Central and South. Winds she relax by mid to late afternoon. The only spot that might get a sea breeze will be south of West Palm very late afternoon and only very close to the coast.

TONIGHT: Boundary sinks to near a Daytona Beach to Brooksville line as winds go near calm overnight and becomes stationary while losing all frontal feature integrity. Good bet for some fog tonight over a broad expanse through mid-morning Saturday.

SATURDAY: Other than a scant chance of a spit of rain, and perhaps drizzle under the boundary overnight and early morning, winds will be light with light sea breezes right along both coasts in the afternoon under partly cloudy skies once the clouds/fog break (assuming they materialize). All rain chances gone statewide with another warm day in store (note quite as warm Central), especially over South Florida away from the immediate coast.

SUNDAY: Another foggy start quite possible with light afternoon sea breezes and temperatures running a few degrees above normal, but really nothing different than what we've felt in recent days past. Winds becoming more southeasterly during the course of the afternoon.

MONDAY: Next front will be approaching, SW winds once again accompanied by warmer temperatures across the boards. No rain.

TUESDAY: Front will move through NW Florida overnight and enter North Central Portion at day break with a chance of showers followed by a NW wind shift behind the boundary (quickly becoming NE within 3-6 hours after that point). Front will sink toward South Central Florida by sunset. Best chance of rain (I'll give it a 30/40% chance) will be across East Central Proper from sometime between 11am - 7pm, from north to south with time. Furthest southern extent of these rain chances will be between Ft. Pierce and West Palm by early evening. Could hear a rumble of thunder from Titusvillel south to Ft. Pierce after 1pm on the east side of the state along the front as it passes through. Not expecting thunder at this point far SE Florida.

WEDNESDAY BEYOND: Pattern change in store as front resides along the Florida Straits just south of the Keys and north of Cuba. No big cold surges just as a hint, but could be hearing about coastal small craft advisories/hazardous rip currents by late Tuesday -Friday due to prolonged onshore flow, breezy at times, as well as coastal showers. I stress "Could"...but the pattern seems to be set for a good 3 days of easterlies combined with a shallow but moist onshore flow evolving within this time frame before the next front arrives by late weekend. Might not be so sunny either, perhaps mostly cloudy. No thunderstorms.

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