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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Keeping an Eye on North Central Parts Today for Stronger Storms , Cooler Sunday Onward

TODAY: Frontal boundary and associated dynamics working south with time this morning as satellite and radar images below indicate . 

Satellite imagery reveals that there is  'no action' after the tail end of what is seen on radar. Latest guidance appears to indicate the main core of energy will pull off to the east before the line works much further south than I-4.

Given the timing of day into Central Florida however combined with the amount of shear that will still be present  have, for blog purposes,  included parts of Central into perhaps a 'strong wind chance' if per chance a thunderstorm can get going or even keep going as the boundary approaches from the north and west. Otherwise breezy at times and especially near and in times of rainfall.

Increasing cloudiness as the day whereas on and as the clouds are even closing in on all parts of North Central before sunrise. Once it moves in that area will be socked in for the day mainly south of I4. Warmest temperatures as a result will be along a line from near Ft Pierce toward Sarasota and south.

Area of  possible thunder might be overly generous as mainly thinking won't see much activity south of Brevard or perhaps Indian River County, but funny things can happen during to just after peak heating so will leave be as shown (below)

BEYOND: Wind shifts to northerly and drying commences as boundary works south producing some lighter shower activity toward South Florida tonight but all in all it appears the front is now forecast to proceed south faster than thought with a 'fropa'  (frontal passage) before midnight across Central nearly 9 hours earlier than presupposed on Friday.

Wind breezy around 15-22mph on Sunday from the north to north- northeast and gradually weakening over Sunday night into Monday. 

Cool mainly away from the coast in the morning  (50Fs inland) but all locales in the afternoon compared to recent days. Though another front approaches in the Thursday time frame it does not appear at time that it will have much impact in the 'storm' category and it too looks to bring even cooler air. Looks like overall we are going backward in the season change to more of a late winter mode and dry for quite some time to come after late week especially if the next front goes through dry.

Next front then that might have a more immediate 'influence' in regard to storm and/or rains is around the April 13 - 14th time frame. 

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