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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Complex Lower Latitude Weather Pattern to Persist Through Next Week

South to West Central Showers and Some Thunder, Most likely near Tampa Bay Later Today
TODAY: Latest satellite image shown above. Those high white clouds are shifting north and streaming off toward the east at the same time. Meanwhile, instability to build into South Central  toward lower North Central; however, the area north of the Beachline looks to remain 'capped off' for much activity other than a drip at most. Most likely area to get storms today along the west coast near Tampa under better sunshine as the east coast sea-breeze meets the near coast west coast sea breeze.

TOMORROW THROUGH TUESDAY: Same general pattern holds without going into details. It is possible that most rain will fall from Southern Dade and all of the Keys during this time frame. The wild card will be upstream of the Bahamas northward toward Palm Beach county where downstream fo easterlies helicity at low levels and shear across the islands could result in convergent bands moving ashore most anytime . Usually, these patterns fit a mold of 'most likely time it will rain within that zone', but exactly when that time will be is difficult to determine. Often though, it is near sunset or shortly thereafter until late morning.

BEYOND> Upper level and mid level lows seem to be trapped in sort of an eddy bubble, not unlike a twig caught between two rocks in a stream that rotates around in place. Current thinking, which has changed since yesterday, is for increasing rains state wide around Friday, with thunder possible. Will leave it at that for now, since it really is a bit of a waste of time to jump into the nitty gritty ..when the pattern is operating in a random chance roulette wheel fashion. 

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