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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Heat Is The Word Of The Day

(above photos: seagulls and beachgoers)
The title of today's post might be a little misleading for those living along the coast. If the sea breeze kicks in like it did yesterday by 1pm then the immediate coast shouldn't be any warmer than it's been the past week. It's the inland areas that will feel the pinch today, tomorrow, Friday, Saturday, naseum....with the high temperature flirting with near record levels, which really isn't saying all THAT much considering we just finished summer, and we're pretty used to the heat anyway. But just as a CYA...if we don't get the sea breeze expect a high around 94, but again...I think we'll get one that will penetrate no further west than between US1 and I-95.

Well actually, the coast could get pretty darned hot too on Saturday. All this because we have stacked high pressure centers over the state creating some tremendous subsidence and compressional heating. However, the high at the lower levels should start to shift off to the east during the course of the day which will allow the diurnally driven sea breeze to develop. The front that was across north central portions of the state yesterday has all but died a painless's tail end waved good bye last night right at sunset as cloud cover started to clear and shower/storm activity developed down by Lake Okeechobee.

Looks like that will be about the only area to see precipitation today as well..if even that. Overall, it looks like a dry one across the boards. I'm not even going to give potential sea breeze / land breeze developing storms a plug on this one, as dry air aloft has really moved in and the possibility simply does not exist. At least not currently. Saturday might be the hot one right along the coast though as another front will be trying to impinge on home territory and the high pressure center will be well off to the ENE by a couple hundred miles at least, thus we could end up being minus a sea breeze.

As suspected yesterday, despite what the one model was advertising as far as a frontal passage is concerned does not appear to be a reality; however, it does appear that we will see a wind shift for 36-48 hours to the NE and ENE as high pressure sneaks in from the west by early next week, but that will be short-lived as another series in the train of frontal systems approaches and the veer on around to the south...none of which will cool us least not in the short to mid term.

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