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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

"The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course".

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Near Normal To Above Normal Temperature Tuesday - Wednesday

Saturday Shrimping off Cape Canaveral
TODAY: A 'frontal boundary' side-winding down the state with little fanfare other than some increased clouds from Brevard County line and north which might work south, but mostly noted by wind direction change and perhaps a shower near the east coast mainly from near Melbourne Beach and North. Radar is showing some showers off shore heading toward the coast (below image) but skeptical that they'll make it west of the western edge of the Gulf Stream waters offhore to our east without collapsing over the cooler immediate coastal shelf waters. But who's to say. In any-case, could see a few more clouds as the day wears on  , and even if the rain showers themselves do not make it to the coast proper, still might experience an uptick in the wind from Northeast direction sometime after the 2-3:30pm time frame.  

SUNDAY: Though some cloud cover might persist early morning mainly north half of state the overall 'non-event' will be also non-effectual in regard to impact to activities and temperature . Sunday might be a bit cooler than today though overall, but close to normal. If there is to be any showers, they'd be gone by noon. Sunday won't be quite as warm as today at the beaches however. and a weak coastal trough will close slightly and move off north and east, bring northerly wind down it's back side on the way out..though mainly only for Sunday through mid-day Monday.

MONDAY-WEDNESDAY: Wind gradually to swing around to east then southeast Monday into Monday night and become more south to southwest Tuesday and Wednesday. Looks like these days will see highs in the lower 80Fs inland, and maybe some middle 80Fs here and there but remain dry.

THURSDAY: Next front to come through, and for now looks like it will pass through dry south of I4 but could easily change.

BEYOND: So far nothing too unusual  is showing up on the long range to beyond in regard to temperature 'EXTREMES"...not to say it couldn't quite 'cold' again in the next two weeks, but so far that does not appear will be the case for any more than about 36 hours. 

No severe weather in the next week. By around next Saturday is where some pretty big inconsistencies come into play in regard to the GFS vs. The Climate Model in how to handle an upper trough to build down the U.S. East Coast. The GFS almost tries to pinch off a low near Florida, while other models do not. Either way..  other than today (and the chance is very slim) and maybe around next Thursday or will be dry, normal temperatures ingeneral.. and relatively uneventful. Plenty of front rows seats available, but no show.

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