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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Early American Tornadoes 1586-1870

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4 Words For The Day - Coastal Blahs/Future Hopes

Photo above of the sun blocked by a palm and the other looks like some version of a Bird of Paradise
Recommend clicking to enlarge.

This won't be a hard one so I'm leaving it brief. Just look outside. See those clouds if you're along the east coast...probably fewer further west too? Well..that's today. Anywhere from partly cloudy to mostly cloudy with only mid-lower level clouds, mostly cumulus and stratocumulus will be the rule of the day with a slight chance of a barely detectable sprinkle possible about anytime, although attm (at this time) it looks most likely to occur between 1-3pm and again around dark.
The wind will become a prevailing easterly breeze all day leaving the coast the coolest area. In fact, with all the clouds along the coast temperatures probably won't be much warmer than yesterday with a high in the 79-82 degree range.

Okay, that's the Coastal Blah part. Now for the fun Future Hopes.
Those hopes involve, if you can believe it, the tropics. There are hints there could be development of a system anywhere between the western tip of Cuba to Puerto Rico along a 200 mile wide swath anytime between Friday and for a good 10 days after that! So keep your eyeballs pealed open at all times and do not, I repeat, hit the coffins just yet for a sustained period because we must be watching at all times. L:-).

Already two separate models are either showing development off the western tip of Cuba with a TS or perhaps a good old 'cane moving toward Miami on or around day 10 while another further out is showing a system near Puerttthhco in about 2 weeks.

In other words, about anything can happen. But truth be told, it's going to be a battle between how far south the southern jet stream branch makes it and how strong the pseudo-Bermuda High will be. So there are so many unknowns it's ridiculous. IMHO..the next 5 days will reveal to us whether things will get active or not. If the stream gets too far south with this next approaching south...then we'll have to wait about a week for the area to recover we could be talking about maybe around the 25th when another chance comes around.
For today...enjoy (how profound).

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