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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas! - Comfortable Day For One and All

Image: Merry Christmas everybody! Comfortable temperatures all day with increasing clouds by mid-late afternoon but rain free will make for great festivities. Highs in the upper 60s and low 70s.

TODAY: Low pressure system taking shape off the NE Texas Gust will move east during the course of the day. Meanwhile, high pressure along the east coast this morning will move progressively ESE during the day harboring SW winds by afternoon which will increase most notably near and after dark as the low pressure system approaches the Florida Panhandle. High temperatures wide spread mid-upper 60s Central portions with a few central locales reaching the low 70s. Believe all areas south of a Vero to Sarasota line will make low-mid 70s today, with the coolest location along the intracoastal waterways of Brevard where the surrounding cool waters will keep the mercury down a few notches.

Otherwise, a sunny start to the day will prevail through early afternoon at least. Light SE wind initially to gradually veer to the south and then south west by mid afternoon as the low pressure strengthens somewhat and approaches the panhandle.

TONIGHT: Increasing cloud cover with a SW wind of 10-15mph as the low pressure tracks from west to east across the panhandle. A cold front will be draped from NE to SW and well into the south central Gulf. Showers and steady rains to impede the panhandle and spread east and south over night into Central portions of the state during the wee hours of Sunday morning. As far as winter evenings goes, it will be a warm one though with lows in the 50s.

SUNDAY: Rain chances will encompass all of Central Florida between 2-6AM, although some places may not receive any rain at all. Cold front still poised to quickly race across Central and South Florida between 4am -10am, making its pass across East Central Florida between 6:30AM-8:30AM. Southwest winds right at sunrise over the eastern portions will quickly shift to WNW behind the front as rain chances quickly diminish in hand. Clouds could remain in broken fashion for a brief time followed by a quick scattering and eventual clearing from NW to SE by late morning to noon time south of Indian River County.

Believe the warmest time of day tomorrow, as noted yesterday, will be before the front passes. That is to say, before 8AM for Central and before 10AM further south toward West Palm to Miami. Strong WNW winds behind the front accompanied by polar like cold air advection will negate day time heating and in fact may add to the 'wind problem' as the sun breaks out and heating tries to penetrate the infiltrating cold air mass ('mixing'). As such, the temperatures during the normally warmest time of day will likely hold steady or maybe even drop a few degrees especially after 3:30pm as the afternoon draws to a close and winds really gust to above 30-35mph. Did you notice how short the afternoon hours are during this time of year?

SUNDAY NIGHT-MONDAY MORNING: Cold air advection will continue with a NW wind blowing steadily through mid-day Monday. Freezing temperatures possible from near Cape Canaveral to Brooksville and points north with areas further south hovering just above freezing and in the mid-upper 30s. But cold all day Monday with doubts the temperature will breach 50F north of the same aforementioned line (Cape Canaveral -Brooksville and points north). Clear skies other than maybe along the West Coast from Tampa to Venice where some cold air stratocumulus could over run the coastal areas there.

TUESDAY: Wind to die down significantly overnight heading toward Tuesday morning, but not completely. The models are all showing the 5400m thickness line between 850mb to 500mb to make a rapid snap back to the north by this time. This line is normally used as baseline for detemination of where the freezing temperatures will be found. However, believe cold air close to the surface will remain trapped in the lowest kilometers of the atmosphere along the ground and as such a more widespread freeze possibility will pose a potential for a broader area of the state Tuesday morning extending well south toward Lake Okeechobee and areas just west of Metro Miami. The immediate east coast might actually not be any colder though than Monday morning will be, and in fact might be a few degrees warmer...but not by much. Another cold day in store all day Tuesday, but it won't feel nearly as bad minus the strong winds of Sunday and those to a lesser degree of Monday. Afternoon high temperatures will rebound though more assuredly into the low-mid 50s all areas.

WEDNESDAY: SNAP! A cold start to the day for inland portions of the state but much tempered closer to the coast, but by afternoon the high pressure center responsible for advecting the cold air into the state will have moved well to the east (north of the state)...and light onshore, easterly winds will develop shortly after daybreak allowing afternoon high temperatures to reach into the mid-60s everywhere.

THURSDAY-NEW YEARS DAY: Continued warming with temperatures approaching normal levels.

FIRST WEEK OF 2011: Lots of flip flop in the models, but some interesting develops are awaiting on the wings. Could see several opportunities for rainfall during this time frame but nobig temperature drops are looming on the horizon at this point.


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