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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

"The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course".

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Brittle Cold Monday Night / Tuesday Morning - Warm by Thursday

TODAY THROUGH SUNDAY Nothing much knew from previous post as all has materialized as expected since the last post. By sunrise,  the east coast from the Cape and south had reached into the mid 60Fs whereas temperatures further inland and south such as near Okeechobee were the same as those locations along the east coast were yesterday morning, making for a good 15F degree temperature gradient or greater.

Low through mid-level clouds could be increasing across Central but little rainfall, though showing on radar, is actually reaching the ground , 'yet'.  The 'for lack of a better word' , pseudo warm front, created from an inverted coastal trough with warmer oceanic air behind it is sweeping across the state but should lose most of its identity across the far eastern gulf toward north Florida..and then return south as a 'pre-frontal trough on Sunday' with little affect as it seems now except mainly as rainfall over parts of South Florida and portions of South Central..smaller amounts possible to Central Florida later today and tonight.

YELLOW: "Warm Front" moving mainly west and north
BLUE: Cold front position on Monday at 1PM EST
  SUNDAY: Warmer in the morning and afternoon with a south wind at sunrise becoming more SW later in in the day. Suspect we will be receiving plentiful high clouds per the GFS at high temperatures will be held down just a bit IF SO into the mid-upper 70Fs with a few lowers 80Fs interior and South Florida.

MONDAY: Cold front to come bulldozing through with snow plows still  attached from NNW-SSE from late morning through early afternoon all Central from the hours of 11AM - 3PM. The above image is a guestimate position...thus, if you have some plans for Monday, "Get'r Done" By Noon, Ya Can't Be too Soon'...cause it's going to be about a 10-15F degree temperature drop the first hour the front goes through with increasing NW winds perhaps gusting about 30MPH through the night.

MONDAY NIGHT:TUESDAY Possible hard freeze warning for Northern Lake County/Northern Volusia but for the most part a standard Freeze warning might fit the bit to immediate interior Central for just a few hours. The latest GFS backed off on the depth and southward extent of the coldest air, but it's been bouncing around on that factor, so we'll just have to wait and see; however, I 'm seeing there is a chance that not only will it be colder on Tuesday, but overcast as well and windy...which means the high on Tuesday might never break the mid-40Fs if not lower 40Fs near I-4 , the good part though is that might mean some areas will be able to stay above freezing that would not other wise further South in Central Florida. And dry, very dry, with dew points possible in the single digits in some locations interior and north. That compared with the last front, most locations had dewpoints in the 30Fs range in general, but they will be much lower with this front making for bone breaking cold air.

"Cold front to come bulldozing through...."

The beaches of Central could be around the 36-42F mark Tuesday morning with NW winds around 20G 28 but still, it could be even colder. Highs most area in the 40Fs state wide with some 50Fs far south Florida.

WEDNESDAY: GFS has temperatures moderating overnight much like they did last night for the same locations (East Coast along A1A from the Cape and South), but whether that is too quick of a change over we'll have to wait and see, I suspect the true warm up might not commence until after sunrise. Otherwise, it'll be cold again Wednesday morning especially west of US1 with a sharp temperature gradient between the beaches to say for Example "Orlando"...continued high clouds with a much warmer high temperature tempered down again because of the 'possible' clouds which we'll see if that plays out or not.

BEYOND: Thursday is the first true warm day again (January 9th) with possible coastal showers and cloud cover again...seeing a theme here that has been repeating lately. Clouds.  No true cold front so far is forecast to go through for almost a week after the one on Monday, but one gets very close before going stationary and that is questionable. Still looks like toward the end of next week a severe weather even could be settng up for the I-10 corridor from  Louisiana east to Tallahassee area.  

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