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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

"The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course".

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Get Ready to Bundle!!!"...Floridians

Latest mid afternoon visible satellite image with hand drawn cold frontal positions. Solid blue is current front location, with dash lines showing its general location at 6 and 9 pm..give or take an hour or so.
NOW: At 3pm a cold front is careening steadily down and across the Florida Peninsula with passage already post-Tallahassee and temperatures behind the boundary close to 50F degrees accompanied by NW winds gusting toward 30mph. Not so nice for mid afternoon. Front will continue to drive SE ward during the late afternoon through mid-evening.

A word of the wises is to be prepared for surprises. But no surprise here. If heading out tonight, bring a good and trusty jacket to take a nip off the accompanying wind chill. Sweaters might not do the trick as nicely.

TODAY/TONIGHT: As noted above, "Here's Comes Da Front!". There's no turning back unfortunately, so grit your teeth a bear it. Won't be all THAT bad, but after such a prolonged warm period, and especially considering the nice afternoon today to the south of the front with temperatures near 80F or so, it's bark will be as bad as its bite within a few hours after passage along the journey to Miami. The front now appears to be over the Gainesville area as a reference point.

Front to cross Dead Central between the hours of 5:30pm - 7pm, accompanied by cloudy skies, west winds, and a slowly falling temperature. Possible sprinkles as well, but nothing significant. Post frontal passage (after dark) will yield to clearing skies and falling temperatures, especially after 8:30PM across Dead Central (sooner further north). The front will eventually slide into home plate across the Southern End of the Peninsula around 9-10:30pm, with similar sky conditions but less chance of a sprinkle or showers. Temperatures here too will fall, but the bigger temperature changes this go-around will occur over and north of the Central Lake Okeechobee area as a general line of demarcation of the coolest air.

THURSDAY: Very cool, to almost cold considering the conditions of recent days. It's all relative, and this relative will be not unlike Auntie Grezelda...sour and grumpy, but not quite bitter. Lows along the immediate ..and I mean IMMEDIATE east coast from Brevard and south near 48-51F warming to the south toward West Palm, or in another light, perhaps the coolest this area has seen this season by a smidge. 

Elsewhere, inland lows and west toward Naples will experience mid-upper 40Fs..with upper 30Fs interior North Central and even colder toward I-10 at sunrise. Winds NW around 10-18mph...with a wind chill evident no doubt.

Winds toward early afternoon already taking the turn around the bend toward the N-NNE and there ends the worst of the worst already. Not bad. I hate uninvited guests anyway. Clouds off of the Atlantic should be able to make a relatively fast return to the coast over night late on Thursday heading into Friday.

FRIDAY: East coasters can toast to morning lows already a good 10F degrees warmer. Guests leave messes...and in this event it will come in the form of a better chance of onshore trouncing low level stratocumulus clouds, especially over South Florida closer to the decaying boundary. Highs on Friday probably to remain in the mid-upper 60Fs North Central and Central, but warmer toward the lower 70Fs along the drive to West Palm and south. NNE-NE winds with possible showers late Friday and especially Saturday toward the SE Coast of the state.

SATURDAY: Continually modifying air mass (less dry and slightly warmer) through Saturday with an ENE wind. Clouds again, coastal showers/sprinkles as far north as Vero Beach.

SUNDAY/MONDAY: Showers possible mainly within 20 miles of the east coast most anywhere with temperatures returning to near normal as days of past. Warmer overnight lows especially due to extended cloud coverage, but afternoons not so warm due to the same cloud coverage. Give a little, take a littel.

BEYOND: Not much change...and a return to conditions to how it once was only yesterday and the few days before then. Next front is not on the agenda for nearly a week if not more, so no need to rush for boarding passes just yet.

Again, much cooler to apparently almost a bit cold tonight and into the first parts of Thursday...especially the north half of the state through late morning. AC, off. Jackets, On.

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