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Friday, May 7, 2010

Strong Storms Yesterday - More Today

Image: This storm produced wind damage in Port St. John and the Titusville area during the time these photos were taken

More strong to possibly severe storms today for parts of East Central and Southeast Florida!

SYNOPSIS: Remnants of a frontal boundary remain over a broad area of the south half of the state early this morning. A cold front is passing through the Midwest and the Mississippi River Valley region and high pressure exists well out into the Atlantic which extends across S. Florida

TODAY: Another day much like yesterday with some minor differences. Yes, we will have CAPEs around 3000 once again and LIs are forecasted to be in the -8 to -10 range once again with some mid-level drying. Steering flow however, will be a bit stronger out of the WNW-NW which could aid in storms being even MORE organized today.

Light and variable winds at the surface will succumb to the stablilizing sea-breeze along the immediate coast across Central Florida by noon time.

Thus, feel that the strongest of storms won't quite make it to the coast with any significant "punch" , but it will be a different story inland.

The chance of rain will be greatest across South Brevard, Osceola, Indian River, and Okeechobee Counties then south and east to West Palm Beach and toward Miami. The strongest of storms, if the forecast parameters for this afternoon occur where currently expected, will occur over southern Osceola County and Okeechobee counties by mid-late afternoon. Areas around Cocoa, Merritt Island, Cape Canaveral and points south might hear some thunder and get some rain as well...just not with of great/strong intensity once the storms get east of I-95 or perhaps even US-1.
Storms today could be QUITE strong to possibly severe and again produce small hail and damaging wind gusts!

Highs today will peak at noon before sea-breeze onset then cool a few degrees right along the coast. We'll shoot for 86 before things cool off.

All rain to end at if not shortly before sunset.

SATURDAY: One last warm day as the front across the Mississippi River Valley region today moves in to the Deep South. Storms will still be possible from West Palm Beach and points south as well as north of Daytona Beach, leaving the central peninsula high and dry (and very warm). Highs in the mid-upper 80s all regions.

SUNDAY: By sunrise the front will have passed through Central Florida with only some clouds to show for it. High temperatures will lower to the low 80s as onshore flow will be prevalent which will transport cool, oceanic air across the area under a dryer layer of air above that.

MONDAY-BEYOND: No sign of rain or significant temperature changes. High pressure will build south from the mid-Atlantic region behind the front which will provide for light onshore flow and stable air. As mentioned yesterday...we are not quite yet in the 'wet season'. Not for a couple more weeks

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