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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Splendid With Plentiful Sunshine Today

Images For This Afternoon: (1) Early-mid afternoon time frame in the first image shows a Florida Peninsular thermal trough forming up and down the spine of the state under abundant sunshine underneath a zone of high pressure ridges at various levels across Central Florida. High pressure near Crestview, and a weak backdoor boundary pushing SW across Jacksonville undergoing frontolysis as it approaches Daytona Beach. (2) Second image is for 7pm this evening. Boundary has about undergone complete washout with only vestiges of its existence evident by investigation of thickness values from the low-mid levels of the atmosphere and mid-level moisture convergence.

TODAY: If you liked yesterday, you'll like today even more. Believe there will be less clouds today than yesterday inland with similar temperatures. Under nothing but high pressure axis' aloft, a low level thermal trough (of warm surface temperatures) will establish this afternoon up the spine of the state inducing light afternoon sea breezes to form on both coasts. Afternoon highs within 1/2 mile of the coast will hold in the low-mid 70s, upper 70s to +/- 2 degrees of 80F away from the coast about anywhere. A few more clouds over North Florida closer to the boundary and over South Florida further from the precise ridge axis.

TONIGHT: Light coastal NNE winds will veer gradually across Coastal Central and South Florida as the boundary reaches to about the Port Canaveral/Crystal River zone by sunrise and remains there for the remainder of the day, Sunday. A bit of remaining moisture convergence along this boundary will produce a few more clouds than what we are seeing today, with maybe a spit of rain from the Port of Canaveral to those near Miami, but any thing to fall won't even wet the ground. I'd give the chance of even this to occur a silent 5%.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON/EVENING: Boundary will dissipate entirely as it lifts off to the Northeast Sunday during the afternoon some time and winds turn more southerly overnight toward the ESE-SE overnight. Warm overnight lows along the coast in the mid-60s to near 70F SE Florida. Sunday will be a transition day for what's to come Monday through the first portions of Tuesday.

MONDAY: Partly cloudy with some cumulus clouds and warmer along A1A from Vero Beach to JAX with a SSW wind (minus the sea breeze). Southeast Florida (along A1A) might have a sea breeze on Monday...which will temper down the high temperature there a whopping 4 degrees, no big deal. Inland areas will remain status quo with highs within 2 degrees of 80F, but favoring the plus side of it everywhere. Wouldn't be surprised to see some mid-80s near Okeechobee into the South half of Brevard. Overnight lows might be a bit cooler overnight but nothing signifcant, (upper 50s coast, continued mid-upper 50s interior) due to an overnight land breeze. Monday might be the warmest day of the week for North Central to Central (east side).

TUESDAY: Another warm day everywhere. Some rain showers possible North Florida and near the Keys into the Kendall area due to the mere pressure of atmospheric moisture, much less likely south than north though. A cool front will be sinking south into North Florida, but winds North Central to South should remain WSW-W all day with another day in the low 80s, maybe even some mid-80s today the east side of South Central. Partly cloudy. Thickness values will be falling during the day Tuesday with the approaching surface front, so those combined with more clouds might keep the temperatures in the afternoon down a bit from those on a whole 1-3F degrees.

WEDNESDAY THROUGH THURSDAY: Boundary/stationary front will sink to the good old dividing line of North Central/South Central Florida (roughly along the Beach Line to Orlando, picking up along I-4 to Tampa) during this time frame. Expect partly cloudy skies, sometimes mostly cloudy and not as warm anywhere due to lower thickness values and more clouds. For now, a silent 10% chances of a shower, but wouldn't be surprised to see official forecasts announce 20% chances valid for somewhere between late Tuesday through Thursday anywhere over Central or South Florida by the time we get toward Monday morning. Regardless, no big cool downs...back to temperatures in the mid-upper 70s ...closer to 80F SW Florida... back to lower to mid 70s north of Ft. Pierce along A1A.

Between Wednesday through at least early Friday it currently appears we'll be dealing with a surface or low level boundary/feature across central portions of the state consisting of something between a stationary front across Central translating into a coastal trough just offshore which 'could' create more clouds along the coast specifically from Miami to Daytona at times (maybe a shower as well specifically along the coast south of Vero Beach, all of South Florida, Keys overnight to early morning).

FRIDAY: High pressure reasserts itself from the south as whatever boundary we have left washes out and southerly flow becomes the predominant low-mid level feature. Warmer temperatures and partly cloudy with coastal lows in the 60s, afternoon highs near 80F.

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