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Saturday, March 10, 2018

A Little Gnarly Come Sunday into Monday - Then Colder Again

TODAY: Per satellite image below and a rather complicated evolution of mid level lower pressure over the Southeast states in the next 48 hours, the forecast for timing of any rain / storm events and the nature of them is still rather sketchy. In the previous post (Tuesday) it was mentioned there could be possibly strong storms on Sunday. That has not changed.

Otherwise for today, slowly warming and moistening of the atmosphere (finally)  with increasing high level clouds especially South and South Central later in the day (it now appears). Otherwise light Southeast wind and rain free other than maybe later more toward South Florida.


SUNDAY: Sunrise will be at 7:36AM and sunset at 7:28PM.

Pre-frontal type trough ahead of a developing cold front to enter the picture across Florida in the midst of warmer temperatures again but with cold air aloft, increasing moisture, and destabilizing atmosphere with increasing wind shear and some directional shear points to possibly even 'rotating storms' (at least slightly) if they can get going. Best chance of rain from early to mid-morning west coast working east though some activity might be able to go up toward the east coast (mainly south of I4) on it's own some time after 1PM.

Still looks like with directional/speed shear and sufficient surface based instability and cold air aloft the potential remains for strong storms. Some areas could see some 'good rain' in the next 48 hours but then again some locations might end up with very little to none at all.  The rain chances shift south going into Monday afternoon (eventually).

Noting , that the OFFICIAL FORECAST from the Storm Prediction Center (SPC)  is also eyeing North Florida on Sunday for Strong storms

MONDAY : Frontal boundary should be near Central Florida before sunset as rain chances end. Again a chance of showers or thunder on Monday mainly south of I-4 with temperatures still in the mid-upper 70Fs and some lower 80Fs possible. Sun will be setting Monday evening at 7:29 PM.

TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY: Front will have cleared. Breezy and cool like it was this last go around. Dry as well, which does not fair well at this time of year with increased fire risk.

THURSDAY: Another front might well go through in a secondary surge of what is now showing to be extremely  and unusually dry air for this time of year. Colder yet again with this surge but we round the corner pretty quickly going into the week end after which no rain or cold air is foreseen for quite some time afterward.

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