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Saturday, June 20, 2015

"Magic Hours" Isolated Strong Storms Possible Down Spine of the State

Lightning Filled Storm on Nova Rd. Osceola County Friday

TODAY: Not a whole lot of changes from yesterday. Expect perhaps some early afternoon activity to form along the east coast sea breeze South and South Florida and work north and inland with time.

Other showers might then begin to form along the west coast sea breeze. Would watch for Okeechobee Magic though near Martin County to eastern Okeechobee or St. Lucie Counties earlier on as well where the east coast sea breeze meets the lake breze.

However, the ""Magic Hours" of 4:30 - 7:00pm would be the most likely time for strongest activities over the  interior as the sea breeze and outflow boundaries meet. After yesterday's activity, there might also be some latent boundaries remaining, lying in waiting for activation.  

Cool outflow winds gust  from stronger or converged activity could press back to some of the coast line Central and North Central regions ..especially east central from rain cooled air as occurred yesterday toward Brevard, accompanied by a 'gust front' arcus cloud. Though temperatures aloft are not especially cold there is quite a bit of dry air up there, and so some strong wind gusts could occur outside of the rains themselves related to outflow boundaries. Lightning number one hazard.  

SUNDAY: Storms again possible mainly Central and South, but moisture might be lacking for broader coverage

BEYOND: Monday through Wednesday looks to have more isolated in nature activity. The GFS continues to show a pattern shift beginning around Thursday which could, if correct, last until Tuesday of the following week. 

Severe Warned Storm East Central Florida Friday

This upcoming pattern would favor storms leaning toward the East Coast late day and early evening and even moving off shore if correct. That would be as a result of a strong ridge building northward from the Desert SW region and the rippled reply being a large upper level trough buckling south over the states east of the Mississippi. Continued monitoring of the longer range guidance will eventually tell the true story...but if the trend continues it might be safe to say it will be 'set in print' so to Monday contingent upon future model run consistency.

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