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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mild Weather Into the First Week of December (?) !!

Image: It has been said that cats have built in weather barameters. Hopefully StormChaser shown above is not 'seeing' something we'd not like to see...(brrrr...)

SYNOPSIS: Surface high pressure over Florida and into the Atlantic is holding fast, just as it did all summer. Gradually deepening trough of low pressures is taking place over the western and central portions of the country, and this general trend it now appears will continue for the next week with minor perturbations creating some forecast problems for folks in those parts.

TODAY: Mild and warmer with only intermittent periods of partly cloudy skies, but for the most part it's starting to look sunnier today than the past few days of recent times. As such, afternoon high temperatures will reach 80 degrees away from the immediate coast (at least) with no chance of rain north of a Vero Beach or Ft. Pierce to Sarasota line.

WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY: Cold front approaches from the west but High Pressure holds its ground in a most self-assured state of affairs. What previously looked would be a relatively (compared to recent weeks) strong passage of a cold front now appears to have little bearing on the weather for Central and South Florida at all. The finer details will be closely monitored as the days approach in a more realistic fashion, but for now no big deal weather to come this way for quite a while. Looks like the weakened front will pass over in almost a totally decayed state, providing for some clouds and maybe some on-shore falling ocean showers in its wake once the easterly component winds become re-established.

- THANKSGIVING: Nice and warm and no rain other than some light showers - warm

WHENS A BIG CHANGE TO COME: At this point, it appears the ridge will hold fast over Central and South Florida into the first week of December. Over night low temperatures will be dictated by the surface wind direction, speed, and amount of cloud cover during these days to come. But all in all, completely sane temperature wise so no need to break out the quilt (again) or ski masks unless you plan to rob a bank.

At this time, it appears that a big change in temperatures could occur as all the cold air to the west and north of Florida finally sinks south as the high pressure weakens, but this would be into the first week of December. Now is the time to prepare for the inevitable arrival of winter. But maybe, just maybe, it might never really arrive . Never happen of course.

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