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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chance of Stronger Storms Along / Near I-95 Later Today

"Thursday Mornings"
TODAY:Pond of high PWAT (precipitable water) continues over most of the state today in varying degrees in a most un-July-like fashion. Temperatures aloft as of this A.M. have cooled at 500mb about 2 or 3 degrees. There was some active storms yesterday western portions of North Central toward Lake County vicinity and perhaps more of the same today but further toward the east as low pressure well east   of Jacksonville slowly moves off to the north and east during the day.

There is a potential issue though especially toward the east coast from Brevard and south. High clouds from shower/storm activity well offshore are streaming toward the coast. Suspect these might erode as the approach the coast though especially by mid afternoon so for now will disregard. They can be seen in the image below.

Today is not really in many ways a typical summer like day though for most purposes with this current strange pressure pattern at play and it is not much expected to change significantly for several days.  Early this morning there was more of a December like sky yet coupled with warm temperatures which was a strange combination. That being..a secondary area of mi-low level low pressure circulation forms along I-10 from Florida toward Southern Alabama in the next few days only serving to re-reinforce what is already present but by a different means. 

Temperatures aloft might cool more into tomorrow and/or Saturday so will be watching for stronger storms again on those days before warming is forecast aloft once again bringing storm strength more in line with standard lightning , thunder, and rain with more showers than thunderstorms.

Overall though, rain chances persist into and through the weekend which brings up the next question. What to make of the forecast developing low pressure. Other guidance shows a low also west of Tampa to retreat back toward the WSW over two days placing much of the state in SW moist flow and lots of cloud cover. Then the question becomes..will the moisture manifest only as cloud cover instead of rain? Too soon to say.

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