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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Eroding Thunder Chances East Coast through Weekend

Chances of showers and thunder again today, although coverage of thunder will be less than yesterday
TODAY: Much of the forecast it seems depends on some 'expansion' of low pressure features surrounding Issac in the mid-levels. With very light south winds aloft and a sea breeze already a bit in place, suspect that even though steering will becoming more SW by early afternoon from 2000 ft and above, the sea breeze will by this time by beyond US1 at least. Steering toward the east coast most prominent from Titusville and north. Storm or two could form along the sea-lake breeze boundary near Ft. Pierce and work up the coast. Outflow from that activity combined with greater coverage near I-4 outflow could result in activity linger over inland portions of East Central with a drift toward the coast, thus light rain could reach the immediate coast (or at least cloud cover) after 6pm if not a bit sooner. Best instability today will be along the east coast sea-breeze toward I-95 from Daytona and Southward. A secondary area not shown is toward JAX, but cloud coverage might cancel out said chance, so I did not include it in this post. Greatest coverage to occur after 4pm through 7pm.

BEYOND: A steering away from the east coast toward the west side commences after sunset. From this point and beyond into the weekend it looks mostly like it will be portions of the west half of the state that will see the majority of thunderstorms, with a small chance of showers near the coast either on Friday or Saturday as a result of a trough to move offshore the NE U.S. working south and offshore in the next few days. I suspect this might only result in some nebulous clouds, but guidance is showing some wayward showers in the Friday or Saturday time from, primarily over South Central and South Florida as well as in far North Florida.  

TROPICS: Other than Isaac , there are no concerns in the forefront for quite some time to come. At least not through next week.

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