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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Amalgamous April Continues - Better Chance of Storms Today (Mainly North)

TODAY: After yesterday's overall 'lull' in the action (though there was some), it appears that today has a slightly better chances at more rain coverage today over Central to Eastern Florida . Though there was some activity yesterday it was comparatively sparse to previous days. Guidance is showing it to be dry at time over all of the South Half of the state, and not sure this region will recover at all, but for perhaps this evening (if at all) though some models are breaking out rains down that way.  For now, given the consensus of what would appear to be 'low chances' South Florida will throw in a few showers/storms regardless. The best chance being along the Lake/Ocean Breeze Conflict Zone near Ft Pierce up toward nearly Vero Beach.

Otherwise, at time much of Central rests in the wake of a weak disturbance that passed overhead early this morning. There is another on the way, so timing is most everything today. 

The zone to be watched as of the noon time area shows around Volusia and Flagler County, but North Brevard could get in the act as well, especially after 5 or 6 pm toward 8pm. Some guidance implies linger rains if not even thunder as late as 11 pm tonight over parts of Central of not Eastern South Central, so we'll see.

BEYOND: Models continue to vary on how long this Amalgomous April Blend of wet season like weather meets the 'Dry Season' will continue. 

Will it be over as soon as Saturday or last into Monday (at least)?  Time will tell. For now will shoot for at least into Sunday decreasing from North to south on Monday.  A lull of a few days at least is foreseen before perhaps a repeat begins again later next week though.

Day to day  forecasts a different matter. Much will depend on the passage of upper level disturbances and the timing that they do pass over combined with sea breeze convergences.  If a disturbance passes over at the wrong time, it could actually 'dampen' (bad choice of words) the rain chances in the afternoon during prime time despite other favorable conditions due to subsidence (sinking) air that is left in their wake that would put down the kibosh to what would otherwise have been a better rain chance (put an end to; dispose of decisively) . .

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