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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

"The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course".

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cold Blast Thru Central before Dark, Warm Tuesday

Current cold front position as of 1:15PM this Saturday afternoon on 2/16.  It so far appears it will cross the CDL (Central Dividing Line) before sunset by about an hour or so as the sun starts to get 'lower to the sky' 
TODAY: As noted above. Expecting a temperature drop of about 10F degrees after passage accompanied by some cloud coverage.  We could attribute the larger temperature drop due to the issue of it being so late in the day and solar heating will begin to be lost, with peak heating this time of the year around 2:30 - 3pm.

TONIGHT/EARLY SUNDAY: Guidance has BACKED OFF on how cold it will get tonight per the last two GFS runs. Whether-Weather that holds water is hard to say, but for all purposes it looks like mostly an upper 30Fs affair for nearly all of Central except far North Central (at best), with lows around 38F - 42F most areas. Breezy.during this time frame. Chances are this is not what is being widely advertised though, so wouldn't hang the wool hat on that one. Either way, it's going to be chilly so it might be best to protect plants and pets (and self).

LATER SUNDAY: Highs in the low 50Fs most areas. Wind becomes much lighter by noon time.

SUNDAY NIGHT-MONDAY: The A1A strip from Canaveral and South might not fall much in temperature after about 10pm, with a low near 48F, but colder away from A1A to varying degrees (cold ones) toward the west side of the state. High pressure centered near SE Georgia slowly moves off shore with low 60Fs returning and a light east wind. Stratocumulus clouds moving in on the immediate east coast possibly before 11AM Monday morning as wind becomes more SE by nightfall. The cloud should spread inland during the day.

TUESDAY: SW wind by late morning toward noon time and a high in the low-mid 70Fs.

WEDNESDAY: Another front is on the way, but appears will be dry except for North Florida. it will cool things off only minimally, not a big deal. Beyond that time frame, warm into next weekend once again, with potentially near record Highs on Friday. After that, things get to sketchy to exasper-gasp upon.

EXTENDED: Guidance continues to paint a Severe Weather event in the 'unreliable' time frame toward March 3. I recall something like that being indicated last year though as well.  The latest run is totally Outrageous with a low in the Eastern Gulf Of Mexico exhibiting 40 mph surface winds and 70mph winds just above the ground... 'Ode to the  348 hour GFS Curve Ball"...  but does bear monitoring from a curiously  "trend cast perspective".

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