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Thursday, July 23, 2015

"Like" Wednesday - Increasing Rain Chances Late Friday through Saturday

TODAY: Minor variation of yesterday. Moisture on KSC morning sounding easily over 2"  and guidance shows this to be the case in a broad swath across all of Central with 'sig drying' north of Southern Volusia to Brooksville line toward I-10. 

A few showers are already in progress along the west coast and expect like yesterday an 'early onset' for folks west coast and far interior working eastward 'en-masse' along with accompanying OFBs (outflow boundaries) on top of what will be the already present west coast sea breeze. 

Steering might be a tad more out of the WNW today than previous days but rather slow. At 700mb the KSC sounding showed about 1.5 degrees of cooling (only by eye-balling it without actual numbers). We might see some bona-fide stronger storms today later portions of mid-afternoon toward the east coast of Central and a bit later further south near Lake Okeechobee vicinity and just in from the coast parts of SE Florida - mainly wind gusts perhaps in upper 40s range? And as usual, some potent lightning bolts.

FRIDAY-SATURDAY: Frontal boundary sagging south from low pressure to form off the Eastern Carolinas to make it's presence/approach known beginning late Friday with up-tick of over all coverage. Expect perhaps more cloud cover after initial onset of activities to linger around through Saturday though might see some clearing earlier Saturday but with an earlier onset. Guidance is coming in with some good coverage state wide but how much of that will be cloud cover especially once the boundary gets set in place across Central is hard to say.

Rain chances so far now remain a bit elevated into Monday after which time it would so far seem to be a little over presumptuous to speak of future days other than that rain chances remain as would be expected this time of year. A previous GFS run though in the future showed 'sig drying' but will disregard.

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