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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Chance of Isolated Inland Showers - Strong Storm or Two Late (North Central Mainly)

"If a Plains Tornado Hit Brevard (It Might Look like this controlled burn smoke)"
TODAY: A 'back-door frontal boundary appears to have ground to a halt across Central Florida. last night lightning was visible off shore along the boundary and the showers remain in close contact with it even right up to this time of 6:30AM. 

The boundary should be washing out today but leave an area of slightly enhanced atmospheric moisture across the vicinity of its skeletal demise. That, coupled with what appears could be enough surface heating (despite some clouds to come across today) along with sea breeze boundaries,  would be enough to set off some showers perhaps and a thunderstorm or two later. 

Any storm that can get going (if so) over land prior to nightfall could hedge toward the strong side as the temperatures aloft are very cold. Looks like a typical 'early convective season' type set up, though conditions could be more favorable. Temperatures will continue to be warm, a bit like yesterday but cooler along the immediate coasts.

GOOD FRIDAY-SATURDAY: Both days look dry and warm as another back door front slides in after dark on Saturday. The GFS is showing some breezy winds for Easter (Sunday) morning along the east coast with perhaps even a light sprinkle or perhaps only some cloud coverage. The latest NAM says it will never make it as far south as Central Florida though; for now will ride with the very consistent GFS model which brings the front through followed by a breezy, cooler, and 'potentially' a bit of a cloudy day near the east coast at times. 

Controlled Burn on Radar (Smoke Moving Off Shore)

EASTER SUNDAY: Per GFS, this would be the coolest temperature'd day of the upcoming week, assuming the boundary does indeed slide by. Nothing cold though: lows in the 60Fs, highs in the 70Fs and maybe cloud coverage. Overall, not 'ideal conditions' for beach side Sunrise Services (unless the NAM verifies) due to it being 'breezy'.

NEXT WEEK: Wind shifting from ENE-E to SE to South  Sunday - Tuesday that from that day through Friday -  warm with little chance of showers or storms indicated at this point. No cold air intrusions are even being implied at all by the long range GFS beyond even Day 10. We might be 'out of the woods' at last from Winter's ICY GRIP. 

"'s 57F Out and Not Sure I want to get my feet wet"

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