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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More in Store - Severe Weather for the Plains Today

Image: The infamous Hesston, Kansas tornado taken in the 1990s (not mine)

High pressure remains planted off the U.S. Atlantic coast. Meanwhile, a low pressure system has moved through the Intermountain Region and will we moving into the Central Plains later this afternoon into the evening hours.

A dry line will extend from a developing surface low (and it's accompanying cold front) from S. Central Kansas south into Texas this evening. Dynamics will again be favorable for violent thunderstorms across portions of north central Texas, Central Oklahoma, East and Central Kansas, and into Western Missouri by this evening. The greatest threat of supercells and tornadoes appears to be in a similar area as it was on Monday...Round 2. The region extending from Central Oklahoma north and east to South Central Kansas and points east and north east of there will be the most likely area for intense storms and tornadoes today.

TODAY-MONDAY OF NEXT WEEK: More in store. The same as it's been and seemingly always will be. Little change in temperatures, winds, and sky conditions.

NEXT TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY: A cold front will be making its way into the Southeast U.S. Winds will eventually become southwesterly by Tuesday harboring warmer temperatures and an introduction of rain chances in the form of afternoon thunderstorms into the forecast.

BEYOND: The front will not pass through but rather wane to nonexistence near across N. Florida or Central Florida. Although it appears at this time that any rain chances will again go to near zero this will have to be monitored. Decaying fronts have a way of lingering longer than welcomed...and thus continuing rain chances over and above that which is forecast by the models when one gets this far out in the forecast time frame.

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