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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Breezy Cool Showery Clouds Trickle In

Low topped clouds could thicken most (in general) after 5 or 6PM as sun angle lessens to result in potential small rain amounts east central from near dark and over night into early Saturday mainly from the Cape and south
TODAY: No surprises really. Winds to become more NE-ENE into tonight and lessen after sunset. As I type the breeze-gusts are just kicking in a notch. If so, that could be the harbinger of sprinkles and showers yet to fully manifest. More on that issue further down.

Deeper mid level moisture up to 5000 ft awaits with sprinkles and light showers possible as shown most any time as has already been witnessed and observed via official observations 'on the hour'. The immediate east coast is the warmest area in general likely in accounting for wind coming off of 68F degree ocean temperatures or slightly more. Thusly, the temperatures around the state are most warm near Canaveral and south despite the greater cloud coverage. Winds to slowly decrease going into Saturday night.  

TONIGHT: Consistency says, "Not much of a temperature change post - sunset immediately (as in A1A and east immediately) close to the beaches with lows never really lowering at all."  Thank you, Mr. Consistency. 

It might even warm a little over night from Ft. Pierce and south, but further north will have to wait until Saturday night into Sunday morning for that to occur. Best chance of showers from Canaveral or Mims and South, spreading toward some interior locations mainly Central Florida and parts of South Florida after dark through sunrise or mid morning Saturday, which shifts south with time.

SUNDAY: Shower chances reduced but a sprinkle is still possible near Canaveral with the better chances further south toward Ft Pierce to West Palm Beach. Highs upper 60Fs again , warmer from Ft. Pierce and south in to the lower 70Fs.

SUNDAY NIGHT/MONDAY: Lower winds yet still as a weak coastal inverted trough sets up as far north as the usual, Cape Canaveral. As such, this manifests as warming temperatures northward over night toward the Arm Pit of the Cape at the Port, possibly so that by sunrise morning beach side strollers will awaken to 70F degrees with clouds continuing to be somewhat of nuisance. 

MONDAY: Generally  'modes't weather but mid-cloud decks continue to skewer the skies per guidance at least per model depictions viz the mid-level moisture depictions.

TUESDAY: Guidance continues to point toward a refreshment of drier (and colder) air from the NW as high pressure builds eastward across the northern gulf and the Deep South States. Skies clearing finally by Wednesday or maybe even later Tuesday, but also comes the cooler air.  Unfortunately, guidance is also clinging to the bane of the times with Southern Branch Jet stream cirrus and cirrostratus clouds sweeping in at some point on Wednesday post dry air at the low levels intrusion, so if it's not lower clouds, it's higher ones being the gist of the matter. That, combined with cooler highs in the mid-upper 60Fs (possibly lower 70Fs further south).

Modifying conditions with higher clouds being an issue possible until late next week with a big warm up preceding the next frontal boundary, at which point we could get a repeat performance of recent times..that is, today. All in all though, unusually cold air is not nowhere, nohow to be seen, so far.  Possible big but brief weather event is showing up around the last 2 days of the month such as a possible squall line, but too soon to say at this point.

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