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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Smuggly With Showers and a Few Isolated Thunders Possible

5AM Radar shows Remnant Boundary Stretching East to West
 From Atlantic to Central Florida

TODAY: No significant changes today from yesterday's pattern. Trailing boundary from Colin still in place and easily evident on radar and satellite (see below) imagery.  Steering is from west to east or nearly so at a snails pace for shower activity but anything larger should be able to move a bit faster since winds above 20000 ft are in the 15-20kt range.

There is also quite a bit of cloud cover over the Gulf of Mexico which appears might drift eastward and affect sky conditions later today which bears watching. If so, that would lower the rain chances at that time, but so far it does not appear that will be the case.

Strong storms not anticipated due to warm mid-level temperatures.

There is a chance the east/west boundary will drift north a bit today then back south but all in all that would be the prime focus for rain activities today.

SMUGGLY: Muggy, "Close" (snugly or 'snuggle'), 
                   ugly,  like an 'ugly snuggle with mugginess'

THURSDAY: Vort max as mentioned in yesterday's post might not drift as far north as thought in that post (and is shown in today's post to be mainly just west of Key West where it remains most of the day.  However, will stick with previous post and hold fast (for blogger purposes ) to a slightly better chance
of showers/storms on Thursday , or at least an even greater rain 'chance' meaning larger coverage area.

The GFS continues to show 'backed winds' but now has them further south and so backed that Central Florida is put in ENE winds at the surface. This is a very unfavorable wind for storms, and as a result the guidance puts most rainfall into South Central and South Florida. Overall, details are too sketchy in this weak pressure pattern to say with much certainty.

Starting to look more and more like summer one way or the other in that regard.

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