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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Record High Temperatures Could Fall Today - Cold Frontal Passage Friday

Early Morning Cape Canaveral Salty Mist 
TODAY: Some official record high temperatures are in reach of breaking today as wind becomes southwest into late morning and early afternoon under partly to scattered clouds. Unlike the other day when some higher clouds were present and still all records were tied, today there are no high clouds which will set the stage to break them more easily. Additionally, most of the previous record highs for this date are lower than the other day (which was around 85F -86F). No rain anticipated today but for North Florida. Orlando will be the most difficult high temperature max to be breached (and possibly Daytona).

FRIDAY: Little change from previous post other than it does not appear that it will get as cold as previously surmised especially along the IMMEDIATE east coast from Canaveral south toward Vero Beach. 

Cold front is now slated to come through a bit later on Friday opposed to a pre-noon time now looks like between 10AM - 1pm  between I-4 to SR 528 , and then through 3 PM toward Ft Pierce and then through all of the state by sunset. 

Highs on Friday could still reach the upper 70Fs to near 80F or so from Central Brevard and south before front passes through though cloud cover and showers could keep record highs at bay. Further north cloud cover and earlier passage will keep highs in the lower 60Fs.

Slight chance of some rumbles mainly South Central Florida but showers are possible further north (Central) through   noon-2pm (or there will be at least extensive cloud cover ?).

SATURDAY: Drier air works into North Central and on down to South Florida as high pressure passes  quickly from west to east across the Deep South north of the state Friday night through sunrise on Saturday. Winds will at first be NW but swing around to North and eventually just east of due North by sunrise Saturday morning. The NAM was most generous with the LACK of colder air showing only a low for example near Port Canaveral of  60F; the GFS is not far from that though showing a 55F -59F. Both show breezy conditions, but either way the colder air will be found west of I95 toward the west coast and south toward Ft Myers with highs a good 20F degrees cooler than today.  

SUNDAY: After a day with highs in the 60Fs another similar day in store but about 4-6F degrees warmer..approaching 70F from 528 and south. Continued breezy with coastal clouds moving in.

Chance of low topped showers possible from the Cape and South Sunday evening into Monday morning but that chance is extremely low. Better chance of showers begins on Monday through Wednesday (coming in off the ocean from the east).

NEXT WEEK TO CHRISTMAS: Warming trend after the brief 'cool down' this weekend..with near Record High temperatures again possible the 23RD and the 24TH (Christmas Eve day). 

GFS is showing chance of showers and thunderstorms (possibly strong) on Christmas Eve but that is still a week away and things could easily change in that regard. 

So far the next front is to have less of a cooling effect than the one to approach on Friday/Saturday. It too (even so) is followed by a very quick warm up.

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