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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Big Lightning Threat - Large Rainfall Totals Inland Possible

Early Morning Cloud Line along the Banana River - Cape Canaveral, Florida
TODAY - TOMORROW: These two days look similar as of morning model guidance so will clump them together. Chance of heavy downpours today away from the coasts with a few storms exhibiting frequent lightning possible. KSC sounding came in with very light wind up through the lower column, as such, wouldn't be surprised to hear of a funnel cloud sighting or two today - especially early on if something gets going near an area lake wind or sea breeze boundary. Best chances of heavier storms appears will be interior Central and South Central. Tomorrow - could be similar in nature, but exactly where the 'better chances' will be ..will have to wait until that time comes.

BEYOND: Continued mostly interior storms, with coastal or near shore water showers or even some thunder possible almost any morning (there was a lightning this morning off the Cape observed with a tall lone shower). The better chances of storms will be later in the day though over the interior well away from the immediate beach-side.

Upper level steering should be becoming more east to west going into Saturday and/or Sunday especially ..which would mark a pattern change to favor more of the west half of the state.

Tropical Storm Danny has been 'christened' for the record books. Last night's GFS forecast model brought the storm right into Florida..the following run left it well out at sea way before even getting close. Too soon to say is the verdict for now.

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