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Monday, June 23, 2014

Small Chance of Briefly Strong Storms near East Coast

Jetty Park in Cape Canaveral this Morning
TODAY: Little change from previous posts (again), but as would be the case  each day ( though the overall pattern looks pretty much the same)  like snowflakes, is exactly the same as the one before and the one after despite that conditions are favorable for snow, in this case, rain. Little dry slots that seem to shift on a whim and few discernible local boundaries are in play today other than the east coast sea breeze as far north at least as North Brevard could aid in low level convergence and greater upward mobility along that boundary mainly east of I-95.

Storm motions are from the west to just south of west toward the east in general today outside of any outside fluke events as a result of outward moving boundaries from collapsing rain showers as they migrate across the state. The west coast sea breeze has already begun its trek eastward and is approaching the center of the state as of 1pm.

Small chance some storms, though 'very' isolated, could be stronger than the norm near east coast.
Watching South Florida though later today as well, though moisture is a bit low down there today at least as of this morning
BEYOND: The GFS show almost no change tomorrow from that of today, as does Wednesday. The question will be where the moisture is most available outside of other mitigating circumstances like early day cloud cover and dry slots .  No real big changes can be seen within the next week outside of what is presently being shown like the past few days have been, yet each day has a mind of its own and will vary (this has been noted in the past, take it as it comes).

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