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Monday, March 29, 2010

Mini-Storm Chase Yields Low End Results

Images: Radar indicating a tornado warned storm yesterday. Click on images to enlarge (they are better that way)

Went on a mini-storm chase yesterday to the Pineda Cswy. due to the persistent looking storm that was wielding a tornado warning. It looked too good on radar to resist. Made it through all of Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral without hitting a single red light so hopes were high that the gods had it for me to see something remarkable. I have no remarks unfortunately. But, I did see the first CGs (and at close range no less) for the first time in about 7 months ;-) And "Oh Yeah!"...thank goodness for Rain-X! It was pouring buckets.

SYNOPSIS: Cold front approaching the west coast this morning as weak PVA (positive vorticity advection) passes over head generating clouds and light to moderate rain patches. PVA will move out by 2pm as the cold front glides through on off to the ESE. High pressure will build in to the SE U.S. through Wednesday and be directly overhead by then...then remain nearly station very close to Florida for an extended period. As a result, storm systems will have a hard time penetrating the peninsular portion of the state for quite some time as it holds stubbornly fast.

TODAY: Off and on rains appear that they will last up until around 1-2pm. Maybe a rumble of thunder but nothing more than that. We received 3.25" inches of rain from this event up to the time of this posting. Sky to remain cloudy after rains end but should start to break up around sunset. If so, we could have a very scenic sunset worthy of photo-ing.

TONIGHT: Clearing sky with a west wind of 10-15mph. Low into Tuesday morning of 56 degrees.

TUESDAY: Clear with a W-WNW of 12-20 mph. High of 72

THE REST OF THE WEEK: Clear with gradual warming to near normal temperatures by the weekend.

EASTER SUNDAY: A few clouds with a low around 65 and high near 82.

FURTHER EXTENDED: No rain in site and continued on the warmer rather than cooler side. YAWN!

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