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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Dry with Near Record Highs Mid-Late Week

Arcus Shelf on the Leading Edge of a Thunderstorm Encroaches on Cape Canaveral
TODAY: Cool start to the day with near calm wind - pre-dawn temperatures running between lower 50Fs inland to 60F or just above closer to the ocean's edge in a few locations in the proximity of warmer ocean waters now running near 78F (at Port Canaveral for example). 

Otherwise, mainly clear today and warmer than yesterday (mainly inland). Coastal temperatures might run close to the same as yesterday once the sea breeze sets in , mainly lower 80Fs.

MONDAY-TUESDAY: Little change to the overall scheme of things. Again, cool morning Monday rapidly warming within the first 90 minutes of sunrise, even more so after the 10AM hour toward noon. Again perhaps a bit warmer than today inland though . By Tuesday morning morning lows will also be moderating. Wind  remains light.

WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY: Implications being impressed by the Global Forecast System (GFS) model are for highs in the lower-mid 90Fs, perhaps breaching the 95F mark in a few locations almost anywhere well inland. 

Whether these will be 'record breaking or near-so' cannot say, as do not have daily record data available. The record high for yesterday was 92F (set in 2006), and temperatures this mid-week appear will easily breach that mark. 

Coastal temperatures will   seasonably  be   mild in presence of the sea-breeze with highs more toward the mid-80Fs but perhaps upper 80Fs to near 90F if the sea breeze were for some reason have a late start. With sea-breezes both being active  and moisture gradually increasing we'll begin to see more cumuliform clouds as well.

Toss that Beat in the Garbage Can

NEXT WEEKEND: Next chance of rain or thunderstorms commences Saturday. The GFS is minimal on rainfall in association with the frontal boundary that would herald the rain chances , however, so bears watching. Suspect it will change in it's outlook once Tuesday or Wednesday rolls around. 

Otherwise, the rainy season usually enters into the picture anywhere from the last week of May to as late as the second week of June some time. Couldn't be soon enough, as parts of Central Florida interior are in a "Severe Drought".

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