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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Broad Coverage of Showers and Thunder Today, Some Near - Severe Possible Early Next Week?

Sunrise Thursday Morning, June 25, 3025
TODAY: Really not much change today from yesterday with more widespread storm coverage to evolve during the late morning through mid-afternoon with the show - hogs coming on stage late afternoon to early evening when things really get rolling inland from both and all coasts. Chance of lingering rains somewhere Central to South Central well past dark could drip out the last vestiges of the day's convective elements.

Some activity might be able to work back toward the coast as far south as the Brevard Coast in general to offshore (in a weakened state) but at least it would be some rain much needed. Otherwise, some stronger storms are possible but nothing 'extreme is foreseen' so far relevant to say an average storm day

BEYOND: As was noted yesterday ...west to east steering flow will begin over the weekend, latest guidance suggests at least a small chance that the east coast sea breeze might be able to form on some days from Saturday through Tuesday but too soon to say for sure.  But if so, some strong to near severe storms would be possible given the colder air aloft shown to be in place for a few days early next week (colder than what is currently aloft).

If so, it wouldn't be getting very far inland from the beaches. Moisture availability over general regions will have to remain on hold until each day arrives.  Finally some summer like weather though  as the first day of celestial summer has just passed.


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