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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spider Wheel Monster Low in the Making


 TODAY: Remainder of Sunday. Satellite image pretty much tells the story. Some thunder is occurring with isolated small but isolatedly potent storms across the Panhandle region BEHIND the front just to emphasize the bizarre nature of this boundary. The front could sink as far south as shown in the yellow lines. Clouds, low clouds, and isolated showers could occur any time or place over night in random fashion, but again, very isolated. The boundary will lift back north as a warm front into mid-morning Monday but remain across Central Florida all day Monday, while a secondary warm front forms much further North as shown below

MOST OF MONDAY AFTERNOON WILL BE ROUGHLY LIKE THIS ABOVE. Warmest along and SOuth of the Red Warm Front Shown with showers and storms most likely far North Central interior toward the Panhandle, although some showers and maybe a storm could from after 3-4pm East Central along a side shore component wind from near Brevard to  Interior Volusia County, Lake County , and toward Ocala although that too is a bit sketcy
MONDAY: As noted above, a pseudo-warm front will remain across Central Florida until mid-evening Monday night then lift well north toward where the orange boundary above will already have been established. A cold front will have crossed the Texas SE Coast but be increasingly preceded by a developing pre-frontal boundary. As can be seen by now, this system is not simple; it will be affecting most everyone east of the Mississippi River from Florida to Southern Canada most all of this upcoming week in various ways from snow, cold, wind, and rains, mainly North of the Mason-Dixon Line. I expect we'll be hearing all about it all next week in weather related news casts.

TUESDAY: A warmer day ahead of the approaching cold front once again with a slight chance of thunder. Will need to watch for some potentially  stronger storms from SR 520 (roughly and north) Tuesday after 2PM toward sunset, but at this point it appears we'll be experience mostly cloud cover and some showers south of I-4.

IMAGE FOR 1PM TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Most action for storms could end up along the pre-frontal trough shown by the black dashed line. This boundary will be drawn more north than east though, so it might only affect the west side of the sate toward the west side of Orlando and north of I-4;  too soon to say for sure at this point
TUESDAY: "Monster Spider Wheel" of ejecting troughs and disturbances rotates its way east and north.  For Example, By Friday this (above) is what this system looks like at 10,000 feet or 700mb. White arrows are a rough 'stream line analysis' of the general flow into Florida.

THE REST OF THIS COMING WEEK: Roughly there will be three fronts to go through this upcoming week all because of the system shown above. The first goes through Tuesday night. The Temperature drop behind that boundary will not be bad at all with highs still in the 70Fs.

The next boundary goes through Friday Morning so expect a big noticeable change in the weather on Friday as lows go into the 40Fs with highs in the 60Fs  if not some 50Fs to the north range somewhere. It will be breezy behind this boundary, wind chills becoming a factor. Winds WNW-NW most all of the time from Wednesday and beyond for a solid week, but not always windy.

The next boundary goes through around Sunday Morning . This is the one that will be bring the first shot of much colder air in. It might very well be followed by another around Tuesday morning as well re-enforcing what is already in place. More wind chill factor relatedness could end up being conveyed on TV.

 WHEN DO WE WARM UP NOTICEABLY?: Possibly around the 8th of March.

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