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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Storms Mainly Near and South of I-4 Today, Moving East at 15 MPH

TODAY: Brief post due to time constraints. The image is not meant to encapsulate all potentials for storms today . Best chance for gusty storm winds are from I-4 and north, so any storms that might get going near that area could become stronger than par for August though other factors such as suppression might preclude storms to be able to go in that area other than perhaps Northern Volusia. 

Otherwise, deep moisture resides across most of peninsula with warmer air in the mid levels keeping the demeanor of storm intensity down to mostly what one would expect from a Florida summer thunderstorm in August. 

coast sea breeze should march steadily eastward from late morning through late afternoon toward the east coast. Suspect the main focus might be around the boundary near Lake Okeechobee combined with the Lake Shadow and south of I-4 to near the Beach line along another surface boundary trailing low pressure east of Jacksonville. Therefore, the greater concentration of storms, showers, and late day cloud cover will be from Brevard County to Tampa Bay and southward.

TOMORROW: Many variations too detailed to go into for the next several days as there are shifts here and there in steering currents and surface winds, but the gist has been for most activity to remain away from the coasts by about 5-10 miles during the course of the day but perhaps drift off parts of the east coast around early to mid evening. Many afternoons will conclude with abundant cloud coverage and perhaps some areas on dripping storm debris rain.

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