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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rain/Thunder Chances to Prevail through Next Weekend

Leading Arcus From a Thunderstorm's Leading Gust Front Leading Outflow ~ Cape Canaveral Saturday

"Severe thunderstorm Warning"

TODAY: More moisture today but with a slight change in the wind fields will mean more storm coverage but in different places at different times today. East coast sea breeze inland penetration should be rather deep today so stronger storms along the west coast/east coast sea breeze union might occur a bit further west today than yesterday with very little steering back to the east.

Regardless, many east coast locations might 'cloud over' early this evening due to anvil storm debris (cirrus) clouds caught up in the upper levels westerlies (from west to east). A few stronger storms possible mainly near to west of Orlando and east of I-75 or near it with small hail and stronger wind gusts. For now, disregarding the formation in the Gulf as shown below.

There is a chance though that east coasters could see rain again (as some locations did last night) well after dark toward midnight (even) once the sea breeze along the east coast retreats though only light or moderate rain would be the call it seems now if at all.

Land Surfing the Storm

BEYOND: Daily Basis is the best guess for time/locations of rains. Only factor that changes much as given now is the steering flow which might become more from west toward the east by around Thursday, otherwise predominately it will be regions 15 miles and more from any coast that will have the better late day storm chances.  Another factor might be indiscriminate upper level impulses that guidance isn't fully latching on to that could boost rain chances at seemingly odd times of the day or night. (or induce more cloud cover). Otherwise, temperatures continue to run well above the norm for this time of year (especially the morning lows) coupled with better than the average rain chance during what is usually a relatively dry time of year.

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