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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Big Blue "Sky Stare" Today, Outdoor A/C Temperatures

Image: The forecast sky conditions for today.

TODAY/FORECAST : High pressure at the surface and mid-levels reigns supreme over Florida, sliding eastward across the Gulf of Mexico and across the state going into this afternoon. Overnight lows in some areas occurred within 2 hours of midnight either side last night.  Areas in far East Central saw a rise in temperatures during the hour the sun was rising, wasting no time to rid that location of the overnight chill. At 8AM the temperature at my location had already eclipsed the noon reading of yesterday.

High's today in the low-mid 70Fs state wide, maybe some uppers SW Florida as light NW winds early today become a NNE-NE mid-late afternoon 'sea-breeze type'. Coolest along A1A from Port Canaveral to JAX under clear skies, where  the high temperature will be reached earlier in the afternoon before wind shift. Possibly falling into the mid-upper 60Fs range (especially furthest north for the lower end readings) after 4-5pm.

TONIGHT: Winds become light and variable overnight with coolest temperatures along the coast expected between 10pm -2am. Lows in the mid-upper 50s, very close to 60F East Central along A1A after the early cool down. Otherwise, mainly upper 40Fs to low 50Fs. Clear.

SUNDAY: Warmer by about 3-5 degrees everywhere as winds become light from the ESE. High pressure ridge axis will be dead across Central Florida through Monday. Milder evenings, warmest up and down the A1A corridor from Miami to JAX. Coolest from Daytona and north during the afternoon, in the 69 - 73F range.

MONDAY: More pleasant weather with continued warming of overnight lows everywhere. Winds light and variable to near calm at times overnight with a light ESE wind developing during the day. Some stratocumulus  or cumulus humilis clouds SE Florida during the afternoon. No rains.

TUESDAY: For this day, will be watching (due to boredom) the state of Georgia and possibly Alabama for some odd ball, off the hook strong storms in the afternoon through early evening. Could see some strong storms from Atlanta south to far SE Georgia to near I-10 (Jacksonville) by evening. Expecting some cirrus clouds to impact Central and North Florida by afternoon sometime associated with the shortwave trough that will generate this activity. Keeping a second eye at this time toward the east half of I-10 this day, at least as of early morning model runs.  Sometimes these events this time of year end up being a much bigger deal than advertised or thought up until they occur, with some big surprises.  At time, the Storm Prediction Center is not expecting anything much to happen though. But could see The Weather Channel doing some good coverage of the activity come Tuesday afternoon/evening time frame.

BEYOND: Other than possibly a weak back door cold front going into Wednesday/Thursday time frame, minimal impacts. Maybe a light rain shower SE Florida (coastal) going into mid-late week. Otherwise, highs in the low 80s about anywhere inland away from either coast state wide.

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