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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Late Tuesday/Wednesday Dilemma - Beyond is Looking 'Up"

Problematic Cloud cover associated with poorly defined
 trough could linger while washing out over Central Today

TODAY: A glance out your window tells the story and above shows the situation. If one is generally in the South half of the state the day will be quite fine , but from Brevard County and north some cloud cover associated with a wisp of a trough stretched east/west across the state has about come to a screeching halt in regard to any further southward progress. With exposure to day time sun..some of these clouds could really begin to break up, the question becomes with that with they only remanifest in another form since that boundary will still be in the area? Regardless, the only effect in this region will be how warm it will get this afternoon contingent upon the extent of cloud coverage. The previous post had  already noted problematic periods of cloud cover in days ahead, and this is one of those instances. Note above that a cold front will be entering north to north central and eventually Central Florida very slowly in the next 48 hours but until then...

TUESDAY: will work toward  the I-4 corridor. The GFS is now really holding off on the rainfall totals except north of I-4 whereas the NAM almost looks like a carbon copy of the GFS 48 hours ago for Tuesday into Wednesday when the previous post was made meaning rainfall, some heavy,  as far south as the Volusia/Brevard County line region and north toward North Florida. This day also appears will have potential issues with cloud coverage though , thus time will tell on those days; Central and South Florida will again see temperatures ranging in general through the 70Fs and some lower 80Fs (South Florida).

WEDNESDAY:  Contingent on what amasses on Tuesday. This is the big day in question though the front's position is general agreed upon to be across Central Florida near South Brevard by Day's end toward Sarasota. If the NAM or the old GFS verifies, it will be a nasty day near I-4 with temperatures in the mid 40Fs to the lowers 50Fs with rain rain rain...some making it as far south Central Florida from near Melbourne across the state toward Sarasota. These conditions persist well into Wednesday night but at this point abate by Thursday morning as the front glides toward the Florida straits and fully washes out leaving behind a very cool pond of air to persist through Thursday.
On the other hand, recent runs of the GFS have backed off on the rainfall , electing instead to ride with extensive cloud coverage.

THURSDAY: Under the surmise that front will have cleared though the atmosphere never fully dries out south of I-4, partly cloudy and perhaps even some cloudy periods with highs in the upper 50F toward the lowers 70Fs far South Florida (and colder further north) as winds begin to swing around to the NE-ENE. The good thing about the front taking so long to slide through Florida is that the high pressure behind it will be moving at a much faster pace toward the east coast of the Carolinas  (hence, no cold NW winds behind the front).  Unfortunately, this looks to be a very cold and perhaps snowy event spell for the coastal Carolinas as a result.

FRIDAY: Warmer morning far east coast and warmer days ahead from February 1 - 5th still stands tall! Perhaps near record highs in some areas away from the beaches come this weekend into early next week.
GFS has hinted once or twice that there might even be a chance of inland thunderstorms either Saturday or Sunday over Central Florida though the last GFS run backed off on that potential. It appears much will depend on the extent of cloud coverage vs clearer early day skies for  thunderstorm development later on.

WEEKEND: As noted above, the highlight beyond this coming Thursday is the string of warm days ahead during the first week of February, at least until the 5th.


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