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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Beginning of the Begininning

(pileus.."pi-lee-us"...clouds crown the top of building cumulonimbus in Brevard)

An interesting complex of storms occurred last night around St. Lucie county..unbeknowst to those up in Brevard, but one could see the lightning out there much of the night. That complex has but literally evaporated, but it did send out an outflow boundary up this way in the wee hours providing a good SE wind which has totally diminished now.

For today, mid level moisture has increased nearly significantly overnight, and temperatures from 700mb and upward have decreased approximately two degrees as a result of the U.S. East Coast trough approaching the area. We have some high level cirrus clouds overhead this morning, albeit thin, but nonetheless they are there, and expect these to persist off and on throughout the day as a weak low begins to form off the coast of Tampa during the day. These will offset heating a tad, and prevent the temperature from getting as high along the coast as it did over the weekend.

Light SSW wind this morning should become onshore by late morning, but don't expect the big cumulus line along the coast to develop in any real, organized form due to earlier onshore wind onset and lack of low level instability having time to build before it does materialize.

For the most part, expect today to be uneventful for much of Central Florida with the exception of down around Lake Okeechobee and perhaps the Tampa Bay area which will be closer to the aforementioned developing low.

A stationary boundary/front will remain to the north near a Jacksonville to Crystal River line, but will waiver North-South the next two days. Weak bubbles of low pressure will form either on the Peninsula or off either coast and follow along this boundary thus enhancing the chance of precipitation just about anytime from late this afternoon thru Thursday.

Today, expect that storms will become evident to the eye by the 3-4pm time frame with a weak drift toward the east coast. Could see a greater overall coverage of activity by late afternoon over all the east coast, but expect the strongest of storms to be from a Central Brevard to North Tampa Bay region line and points north which is more encompassed by the upper level low pressure trough, and thus contains colder air aloft.

In essence, keep one's eye to the sky and to the west after 4pm especially and beprepared for some lightning. If we get too much of the cirrus cloud canopy over us during the course of the day, however, all bets are off and we not see a drop of rain.

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