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Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Could" Be a Storm (s), May Be Strong, East Half of State Today

Changes are in the making. After reviewing forecast discussions, morning soundings from early today were not really favorable per them for storms today except toward South Florida, but suspect some changes might be in the making as I write since that time. Water vapor imagery is showing deeper moisture working into North Central which which also reach south Florida later today accompanied by potential outflows from the North If and only if storms manifest toward East Central Florida ..on the other hand....

TODAY: A solid waterspout was noted by the Keys yesterday, as were some funnel clouds reports into Central and South Florida due to the near calm winds throughout the column or depths of the atmosphere (particularly South Florida) . That particular air mass has shifted out but may also be being replaced by one of more continental nature . In short, there is some rapid recycling of the airmass over Florida today best I can tell of a new nature. Morning  soundings might have been taken at just the 'wrong' time to detect the change (hard to say from an amateur's arm chair). Regardless, this would be a heads up post (just in case). 

With that said, chance of some storms, possibly strong moving in from the NW to NNW if not North (in from the coast) working south along the east coast sea breeze later today. Some of these could be strong especially if the can work off shore from near Cape Canaveral and South to South Florida or if one can latch on to the sea breeze front and 'work on it' heading southbound west of US1,.and along the south and east sides of Lake Okeechobee in toward Palm Beach, Martin, and St Lucie Counties.

Activity will end shortly near or after dark most areas.

BEYOND: Things appear at this rate to get   quiet for a while after today for the most part. Easterly wind will ensure in the next days which will also be a bit drier making for slightly cooler east side temperatures and holding more steady over night. Pretty much near normal. It appears this could be the case for the remainder of the month as well.

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