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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We'll Wear The Blanket Today

Lots of little things going on around here this morning atmospherically speaking, but it's sort of like adding up lots of little things because when it all totals up it doesn't amount to much exciting. About a 2 on the 1-10 excitement scale. I've included a photo of the current sky, the KSC sounding, and some other superfluous 'stuff' to paint the picture. Plenty of low level moisture to work with an westerly glide above a very shallow NNE wind component (as evidenced by the surface wind analysis), over running an inverted trough which runs along the east-southeast coast just off shore, should preclude those cloudy-ish skies from making the break today. The RUC precipitation forecast looks similar to what is shown above for nearly the entire day, with only the extreme east central coast in the green. However, it seems at this time per current radar as well as the radar trends the past 8 hours, that all that green will remain off shore and manifest itself locally as low-mid level cloud coverage. The latest satellite imagery indicates that much of the central peninsula is indeed under this blanket with high clouds near the panhandle.

Temperatures today as a result of the clouds will remain quite comfortable, with I'd guess highs only in the low-mid 80s where clouds provide a longer temporary break. The further SW one goes appears to be the only area that may feel the sting of warmer air, but even there they are cooling off under this shallow NNE flow.

Today into tomorrow yields to clearing skies and cooler temperatures. High pressure is building eastward across the Deep South and we will succumb to the flow around that high. Initially, the folks in the NE U.S. will receive a cold down as the high moves east, but once they are on its backside they'll warm up pretty good. The result of the high locally will be a continued NE-ENE wind circulation (breezy at times) and dry air aloft. This high is to be followed by yet another high pressure system on its heels...thus continuing the onslaught of oh-so-yawny weather....into the weekend and early next week.

I welcome any new followers to the blog too! If the gadget is working correctly (sometimes it doesn't) you see some of my YouTube videos on the right hand column. The latest upload being on top. Two of my favs are there this morning. One of my former cat "Twister" which turned out pretty neat, and another from the Goshen County, Wyoming tornado from this past spring.

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