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Friday, March 27, 2015

Chance of Higher Rain Coverage Today with Gusting Winds Possible In and Near Showers or Storms

Every Cumulus Cloud and Bougainvillea  has a Silver Lining 
TODAY: "Pre-frontal like 'trough has sliced through Central Florida well before sunrise with rain showers on its wings as it presses south. Meanwhile, the actual cold front is now across the Western Panhandle ; timing places it close to a Cape Canaveral to Sarasota line around 8 pm tonight.

Meanwhile, all guidance shows appreciable 'air mass recovery' during the morning and into the mid afternoon hours in regard to atmospheric low level destabilization in the presence of increasing wind shear and cold air aloft. 

The area to watch will be mostly near the boundary of the front but a secondary area could emerge across East Central during peak heating hours if the guidance is correct. The idea for some stronger storms is for mainly wind gusts which could be stronger in even only a heavy rain shower which seems to be the more common mode of conditions that will emerge today. 

The latest full run of the High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) is showing only maybe 5 storms in the below graphic areal coverage range capable of producing anything more than a flash of lighting or two other than one near Tampa Bay earlier in the day (as an example at this point in time, only). At least lightning that would be cloud to ground.

The below image is mostly taking into the account of the potential perhaps of prefrontal activity to generate across Central due to that it will have more time to recover from this early day activity though another area further north to watch for is also possible along the east coast toward Ormond Beach. Further south the front will be too far away during peak heating is the reason for leaving it out of the 'stronger storm suggestion'.

SATURDAY-SUNDAY: Not much change otherwise from previous post. Lows Saturday through Monday morning in the upper 40F's to lower 50F's mainly along and north of I-4 with more common mid to upper 50Fs  more widespread (except warmer South Florida). Afternoon highs in the mid-upper 60F's.

Sunrise at the Cocoa Beach Pier

MONDAY-TUESDAY: Continued very cool in the mornings especially away from the immediate beaches. The high pressure area following the front is expected to settle south to directly across Central Florida by Monday then move off to the east the rest of the week. Very light winds with good radiational cooling at this time of year alone would make it cool in the morning but warming rapidly within the first few hours after sunrise. Highs in the mid-upper 70F's, with the coast these mornings ( along A1A) the warmer in the mornings, but most everyone will still be waking up (if earlier) to 50Fs readings.

WEDNESDAY: Warmer to normal or above through Saturday. Next front is slated for the Saturday time frame.

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