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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Strong Storms Possible West Central Late Today

Engulfed by Atmospheric Waves of Turbulence in Cape Canaveral Florida

TODAY: Most vital stats are in place for the prerequisites of late day storms, some strong, toward the west half of Florida particularly Southwest Central to as far north as almost Ocala. Other storms though could become strong from boundary collisions once the pot gets mixed.  With east to west steering the bigger storms will occur along the west coast sea breeze later outside of outflow from earlier activity that 'out rushes' from activity toward that boundary particularly from east of Sarasota to Brooksville (which is located not too far north of Tampa Bay but in from the coast). The east side should remain mainly dry but for a chance of an overnight to early morning shower or two near or before sunrise such as the thunderstorm offshore the Cape  pictured below. Some stronger activity could occur WSW of Lake Okeechobee though not shown below.

View over Cape Canaveral Yesterday

SUNDAY: Steering doesn't change much at all for many days ahead, the stickler is primarily moisture availability on any given day. As of now, Sunday appears to be a bit less active, but then the next day there is more moisture, and then the next day less, as if waves of moisture pass through with subsequent drying; but timing of moisture coincident and critical to the afternoon hours - post peak heating- really is too difficult to determine with a  high degree of certainty.

"Jonah in  the Whales Mouth  "
BEYOND: Not much change nor has one been realized by any of the models. The west to east steering of storms streak of Summer 2014 seems to be over and little change is expected but  toward the end of the statewide storm season. Possibly toward the end of the first week of September or into the second a change will occur. Thus, the only chance of rains on the east coast will be oceanic in nature.

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