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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Iso-Strong Storms Possible Mainly South Central Late

Loose-Leaf image of possible rain and thunder activity today. Although the region over Central -Central is questionable, more likely chances are further south.
(pardon the graphic typo)
TODAY: Very warm to nearly 'hot' by comparison as it is starting to feel like summer more and more each day. Best chance for storms today appears to be from near YeeHaw Junction and South (Southern Osceola County) but earlier visible satellite imagery showed a cloud line well out in the Atlantic extending across the Cape near Canaveral and inland a bit which now has dissipated. 700mb analysis indicated a weak trough associated with that line, which likely will not move much today , so it could act as a trigger later today as the east coast sea breeze develops. Expecting only slow inland progression of that boundary, thus any sea breeze collision should be quite late today into early evening toward the east half of the state. Further South more boundaries to play with considering  the "Okeechobee Sea" can develop it's own breezes. There might be another nice sunset tonight for viewing purposes, as was witnessed last night.

FRIDAY: A chance for Strong to Near Severe primarily from Volusia County and North, but some activity could inch into North Brevard or even Central by Dark or after dark. Tomorrow is a very interesting day with activity coming down from the NNW in general. The other region to watch will be far SE Florida.

BEYOND: End of pattern, New pattern emerges - as a frontal boundary will get about as far south as Lake Okeechobee before washing out. Most thunderstorm activity will be restricted toward the western  1/3 of the state and inland of the east coast down by Dade County for a day or two  until deeper SE flow works up the coast. From that point on models diverge so will not 'go for broke' in this post today to outlook anything than inland thunder and maybe a period of early day coastal showers as far north as the Cape around  Tuesday time frame.

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