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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Shiver My Timbers... Snow in the Deep South!

(Images: Satellite imagery at 11:30am and 11am Sfc Plots with approximate low/fronts)

Some areas in the Deep South are receiving snow...areas that haven't seen snow in over a decade! A very complex scenario is unfolding this morning as far as trying to 'divie up' where it could get above 60 degrees with SSW winds today. For now, everything seems to be pretty much on status quo with yesterday's thinking. Only change is that I believe the warm front will make it through most of Brevard County by 4-5pm...and if this happens we will see a brief warm up at a very odd time of the day (very late afternoon). We'll know for sure when the wind suddenly becomes SE then very rapidly veers to the SW and strengthens into the 20mph range within a matter of just 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours. It's going to be a close one though from Titusville and points north (namely between Titusville to just south of Daytona seems to be furthest north the warm front will ultimately reach)
And things will continue to happen FAST today into tonight. The surface low will be just off the west coast near Tampa at 1:00pm...and six hours later it will already be exiting the east coast right near Cocoa Beach.

Expecting even thicker clouds and eventually rain to be on the increase from North to South...and from West to East throughout the early afternoon. Cape Canaveral and points south might not actually see any of the true rain until the 3-4pm time frame..whereas further west and north...even the Orlando area will experience it appreciably sooner than that. Once it's here though, it'll be here to stay...for about 3 1/2- 5 hours. I wouldn't make any plans for outside activities at 7pm...that's for sure. Between 6-7:30pm seems to be the time frame that east central Florida will bear the brunt of whatever is going to happen as far as rain goes. I think there's supposed to be movie showing outside tonight...sort of like a "movie on the green"...somewhere in Brevard...have fun with that one.

BY MIDNIGHT TONIGHT: Rain will have been tapering off from Northwest to Southeast during the mid-evening hours but it will be continued cloudy for a while longer. The wind will quickly shift to the WNW to NW immediately following FROPA (frontal passage) and the temperatures will drop by 7-10 degrees within the first hour of that event. The cloud forecast is a little trickier. But believe the majority of clouds will have begun to clear out by sunrise.

SATURDAY: A cold one for sure although nothing record breaking. It is possible that from Melbourne to Tampa and points north we do not reach 50 degrees on Saturday after starting out around 40 along the coast. For real?! If it does reach 50 along that will be by a hair. Any remaining clouds will be on the clear during the late morning hours as strong high pressure fully exerts itself down the peninsula with a punch of NW wind gusts in the 18-28mph range.

SATURDAY NIGHT/SUNDAY: Shiver my timbers. The wind will die down appreciably as the high pressure center begins to move over head...thank goodness because it's going to be pretty cold. The A1A corridor from Canaveral south just might eke out a low of 40, but I'm more inclined to lean more toward a low of 38 and only from Melbourne Beach south holding at 40. West of the Banana River expect wide spread mid 30s and even lows 30s in some pockets as far south as the north shores of the Big Lake. The remainder of the day will remain mostly sunny with high in the mid-50s and with very light winds it will seem like a blessing after what Saturday will have wrought.

MONDAY: Another cold start to the day with freezing temperatures in spots across much of the peninsula under basically a calm wind. I think the coast might actually be a little warmer though than Sunday morning as this will be more a drainage, down the spine of the state scenario which typically leaves the A1A corridor anywhere from 7-10 degrees warmer than west of the Banana and especially the Indian River.

That's enough for now, but in case your interested...don't plan on packing away the coats anytime soon. Another re-enforcing shot of 'more of the same' is in store for later Tuesday-Thursday or Friday. Let's just get through the next 36 hours...don't want to bite of more than we can chew.

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