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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Winter to Rear it's Ugly Sneer This Weekend - Possible Thursday Thunder

Feral Cats Enjoying an Early Morning Spring Stroll along the Old Beaten Path
TODAY-TONIGHT: Cool temperatures to prevail but air mass modification to   warmer with higher  "ew points" and overall increasing atmospheric moisture is awaiting a return northward toward sunrise into tomorrow afternoon as winds become east to south east and eventually south to south south west by mid morning Thursday. The latest "North American NAM (Model)" shows just enough instability that thunder could conceivably occur as temperatures aloft take a lofty drop going into the late morning hours tomorrow and as winds in that same upper region increase ahead of an approaching cold front.

"Royal Mansions"

THURSDAY: Chance of morning showers but more likely after noon time into mid-afternoon and early evening as a surge of moisture from the northern Tropics lifts from South Florida into Central during the day accompanied by stronger winds and cold air aloft that will be moving in coincident. Chances are for now it will be mostly rain showers with increasing cloud cover but thunder cannot be ruled out. The cold front will be moving in on North Florida with a chance of thunder and rain there as well but for a different reason than further south toward Central/South Florida.


SIDE NOTE: The Other Night (Monday): East Central toward Canaveral received 1" of rain in about 15 minutes (at least in my  rain gauge)  as this isolated shower (isolated as in the only one of two in the state moved across) 

FRIDAY- SATURDAY:  Cold front to slide south down the Peninsula during the day. Increased cloud cover with mainly rain showers to a large expanse of rain with maybe some embedded thunder from late morning (north) toward Central by early afternoon through sunset. Clearing well after dark some time.

Heads up: Return to winter 'like temperatures' for 48 hours this entire weekend with only slow warming into mid-week. 

Cold front to cross Central Florida sometime 'during to just after' sunset Friday give or take an hour or so followed but a notable drop in temperatures after midnight. Low Saturday morning could be in the mid--upper 40Fs north side of Orlando and Lake County to Western Volusia with upper 40Fs through the lower to mid 50Fs further south but warmer still all of South Central and South Florida. It's been quite a while since we've had such a big cool down after prolonged above normal temperatures, the shock value index will be the factor.  Highs  in the lower-mid 60Fs Saturday and breezy.

SUNDAY: Another very cool to almost 'cold start' to the day relative to where we've been for the past 2 or more weeks now with lows similar to the previous morning. Wind will be less so won't fee as cold as it will on Saturday where winds are expected to remain elevated all day.

Spring Sprang but will Retreat For A Few Days
MONDAY: At this point, Monday looks like a near Chamber of Commerce Day as high pressure will be centered almost directly over head. Near Calm but very cool morning will warm rapidly into the lower-mid 70Fs.

TUESDAY: Yet another very cool start to the day but warming more as the high pressure shifts slowly shifts east. Watching to see if a back door cold front passes down though to keep temperatures cool yet longer.

BEYOND: Slow warm up more notable Wednesday and Thursday but not as much as would be hoped. A back door cold front might got through around Tuesday which will suppress what would be a much more rapid warm up. otherwise.

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