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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Florida's Severe Weather Awareness Week (click on this)

(Image: Show is the cap and T-Shirt purchased in Wakita, Oklahoma...the town made famous by Aunt Meg in the movie "Twister")

Does the sky get any bluer !? Wow, it's nice out there. Light NW wind and absolutely super blue sky. Almost surreal looking out there with cool temperatures. This is Severe Weather Awareness Week - 2010 for Florida. Click on the blog title or here to read more:

Today: No change to yesterday's train of thought for our forecast through Friday. Strong high pressure is building across the Central Gulf of Mexico today. Circulation around this high will reinforce the cool, dry, clear conditions across the state. Clockwise circulation around this high will continue to pull down cool/cold air down the entire state today and into tonight with a light west to NW flow prevailing. Clear sky today with a high in the mid 60s area wide. Expect a high of 67 along the coast.

Tonight: Continued NW wind component will promote the coolest if not coldest day of the week leading into Wednesday. Over night lows into the low 40s for all of the area except right on the coast where it will be about 50 degrees by morning. No clouds to speak of.

Wednesday: Coolest of days under continued clear skies. Wednesday will essentially be cooler by about 4 degrees for both a low and high temperature along the coast, but it will much colder inland druing the morning hours as high pressure passes overhead. Another uneventful day...but have a jacket around except maybe during the peak heating hours of 12pm - 3pm.

Late Wednesday Night into Thursday: Subtly nice change for the coast, but not inland. High pressure will have moved just east of the coast overnight promoting a nil to very light onshore wind component over night. Inland will be calm. Net result will be primo radiational cooling and drainage flow down the spine of the state and another cold start to the day west of the Banana River. The immediate coast could easily be a good 10 - 15 degrees warmer though. Thursday will essentially be the same as most of Monday was with a high in the upper 60s and just flirting with 70 by noon. Probably a few cirrus (very high cloud) wisps..but all in all a stellar day in store.

Late Thursday Into Friday: "Oklahoma where the wind goes blowing down the Plains." Oklahoma will be bracing for perhaps their biggest snow event of the year thus far as Florida begins to bask in warmth. A very complex set up will be evolving for our friends in the South Central Plains as a variety of low pressure systems congeal and work in hand with cold high pressure to the north to promote snowy/icy conditions in Oklahoma and N. Texas. In the meantime, all of Florida will be experiencing return SE -S flow around the back side of the high pressure system which will be well off to our east and in advance of the evolving storm system to our west. A weak inverted trough will form just off the east Florida coast in response to this wind shift...with that mid-day Thursday (if not sooner)..we'll see some patchy low and mid clouds..mainly along the coast to start. But higher level clouds will begin to stream in from the west as well. All in all it will be partly cloudy with perhaps some generally cloudy periods, especially later in the day and along the coast. But the temperature will also be modifying nicely...welcome low-mid 70s again!

Friday: Yet another nice day. Even the morning won't be able to be quantified as 'cool' with a low in the mid-upper 60s. All in all it currently appears that the partly - cloudy sky conditions will prevail with no chance of rain as winds veer to a more SSW component and the tmperature gets solidly into the mid-70s everywhere.

The Weekend: Original thinking was that by Saturday morning we'd be seeing the system coming out of the Plains to be traversing trough the Deep South and beginning to directly impact the immediate Florida Peninsula prior to sunrise Saturday. Will continue with that train of thought for now...the only fly in the ointment is that this system might be slower to move in than previously thought. Some of the latest forecast model runs are not yet available as of the time of this writing...but from what little information I'm getting still looks like the majority of Saturday will be cloudy with an increasing chance of rain showers and perhaps some thunder. That's still quite a ways more elaboration can be made in tomorrow's update. In looking further out though, it appears that the cooling impact of this next system (as stated yesterday) will be very brief...lasting only about 36 hours as the wind will be quick to shift to an easterly component with 24 hours of the weekend front's passing.

In Summary: Very cool through tomorrow under clear skies, then moderating temperatures and increasing clouds beginning Thursday with breezy conditions developing late Friday. Rain chances come into the picture on Saturday.

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