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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Clear as a Frozen Bell - We Need a Thaw!

(Photo taken at the beach this morning in Canaveral)
Okay, the joke is over. Truly it can't be this cold again for what seems has been a 'train of consequences' mornings. Cape Canaveral is 36 degrees on the porch though nearby locations in Central Florida are at the freezing mark or just above it. If that's not bad enough, Tallahassee is 19F at 6am...being the coldest city anywhere in the entire Southeast quadrant of the U.S. that I could find. Will this torture ever end? Just put us on the guillotine and put us out our misery.

The good news (and there is some) is that it will end...just one more really cold one to go though first. Actually, another cold front is going to go through tonight near midnight to reinforce what we already have in place...but the warming thaw is very close to the horizon now. By Thursday morning the immediate coast could be a full 10 degrees warmer than those of recent days and it keeps getting better from there. Can't speak for those further west though (sorry).

A very general break down of temperatures for the next week shows the immediate coast to have low temperatures once again in the upper 30s Wednesday morning, then the next two mornings 10-15 degrees warmer, then the next 2-3 after that up to another 5-10 degrees warmer than that.

Hold on because today will be the last cold round the clock day. By Thursday we will all be very close to the 60 mark in the afternoon (probably a little above it)...and from Friday-Monday of next week the high will general be within the 70 degree mark with the exception of Saturday which could be even 5 degrees warmer than that. Get the trend? :-)!!

Fly in the ointment: with each day it gets warmer, so will the clouds increase along with the chance of rain. We could be totally cloudy all weekend and into the beginning of next week.

Strong storms A-Brewin'? Perhaps for Saturday from sunrise to sunset. There still appears to be a severe weather threat for much of Saturday; however, lack of instability and increasingly unidirectional winds seems to be becoming a negative factor. As of last night, it appears a very slow moving warm frontal boundary will be established across Central Florida by the early morning hours of Saturday, but this could result in simply a long term rain event...some of which may be heavy at times. The surface low will simply be too far away in the Gulf of Mexico to aid in giving any rain chances the additional "boost" required for good storm generation.

At this point, I wouldn't plan on going to Disney World or the Water parks (?) on Saturday as it could be a very rainy day for us all in Central Florida. But hey, at least it won't be freezing cold.

For today and tomorrow though it appears the sky will be clear as a bell -- all day both days. We really shouldn't start to see any clouds to fill our lives until Thursday and from that point on everything goes does hill pretty fast sky wise. Uphill temperature wise. Note: Due to the degree of variation in various model solutions and timing of an incoming consequences of disturbed weather to affect the area, this forecast discussion will most assuredly require some major revamping by the time tomorrow's post is made.

Hold on, spring is only..ummm...2 1/2 months away is it? Boo Hiss!!

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