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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Man Your Battle Stations...The BOYZ Are Back

I love the mock wave poser. No one was around to take my picture in it though. Darn!

Good Bye were nice while you lasted. At least that's what the surfers thought. Actually, the waves aren't all that bad this morning. Went to the pier to take some photos for the morning blurb and to try to hone my photo skills a bit. Didn't help. But I did get to meet a very nice dog, some surfer dudes who wanted to 'borrow' some money, and got a beach worth of sand between my sandals and my feet. It's still between my toes. It was fun!
And yesterday, despite my failings to get some good surfing video due to being there too early (too early? me?) I did make a little 'Virtual Tour of Cape Canaveral' video. It's over there on the right..under High Speed Dirt Video..the top one. I confess, it wasn't my idea. I saw another one on YouTube but I didn't like the way it was done..and since I had nothing else to do I thought that since I'm already here I'll just video the trip back..set it to music, and a star is born..not quite, at least not in this lifetime.

Yesterday panned out to be very interesting in Cape Canaveral with 3 separate storms moving thru over the course of 2 1/2 hours...each with a character and structure all its own. None were particularly strong or excessive lightning producers, it was the boundary that had been set up and the way the surface winds were all over the place right around the Cape that set the wheels in motion. Not sure how much different today will be but this is the pre-diagonsis of the atmosphere even though no new data has come in. (I guess that's why one could call it the pre-diagnosis).

The upper level trough has an interesting vorticity maximum rotating around into the base of itself this morning; however, I don't think it will have any affect on our weather today - - directly. Indirectly, more numerous storms could go up just north of here and send out a boundary to meet the sea-breeze..which actually isn't too much different than yesterday. There is a part of me that suspects the boundary is still there, but that's too much to ask. But it's something to consider. Yesterday it really wasn't apparent until all the activity flared up to the north and the southern extent was right on the boundary. It was almost magical to witness in and of itself.
There is something going on in the eastern Gulf Of Mexico which may be a harbinger of things to come...and I'm going to latch on to that feature for the sake of this discussion. Upper level moisture today again is not tremendously abundant (surprisingly), but it wasn't yesterday either. The biggest difference that I can tell for today is that the winds aloft are a smidgen stronger. The sea-breeze will kick in today from the Cape south...but it might not be until after 1:00pm. So it could be another hot one today. Canaveral got up to 95 yesterday (and I caught on video -- see for yourself -- the video of the thermometer is posted (gad); couldn't believe it. But it dropped 7 degrees in half an hour when the sea-breeze kicked in. That was the magic ingredient yesterday...both it's timing and how far west it combination with that aforementioned boundary. I doubt it ever got past Merritt Island at best. The old tail of Bill's trough as mentioned yesterday must have been laying across Central Florida and the sea breeze coalesced along storm went up..sent a boundary back to the west..and another went up almost right behind the first and followed that same boundary. It was quite the parade of characters coming to town yesterday. All the storms looked different. Quite bizarre actually.

Okay, for today. No early day stuff. Sea-breeze between 12:30pm - 2pm (this is where it gets tricky...will there even be a sea-breeze?). It barely manifested itself yesterday and today looks like an even bigger challenge. Assuming it does kick in (for now), storms may very well be in the making by 1pm and should push ENE at about 10-15mph to meet the BOYZ marching along the front lines (over the marsh lands). Maybe today will be the gust front I was hoping for yesterday, although yesterday was better than a gust front so I'm not complaining. It could be interesting once a few storms get going and the boundaries interact. It's better if we don't have too many storms (unless you really like to get wet)...but for the sake of someone who would like to get a good structure shot ...I prefer to hear wildly scattered to scattered rather than numerous. But today does look like it could fit the scattered bill. It will become clearly evident what most of the storms are going to do today as far as motion once they start to go up. So far the stuff in the GOM and some spritzes near Ocala are rolling right along quite nicely to the ENE to NE as they should since that 's the direction the wind is "upstairs" . If we get real lucky we'll find one that would prefer to misbehave and shove south along the boundary. But such antics are unforecastable. That type of thing remains a mystery (at least to me).

I downloaded everything off the camcorder yesterday, and since I most inconveniently happened to NOT have the camera charged yesterday, you can bet it will be (and IS) today!

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