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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nice Warm Days Will Yield To Winter's Wrath--Too Soon

("In Memory Of...") June 21, 2009 when it got up to 100 degrees in Cape Canaveral. Not sure if that was a good thing...but it sure sounds nice right about now.

Low level inversion and moisture trapped beneath will generate patches of stratocumulus clouds today across all of the area with gradually warming temperatures. The wind will remain easterly all day generally 10mph or less. All in all..respectfully uneventful sums it up. In the meantime, a low pressure system will be developing in the western Gulf south of the heal of Louisana during the day. Our next weather maker...and for the mid-Atlantic states...get your snow shovels ready! Here comes Papa. Closer to Home....

TONIGHT -EARLY TOMORROW: High pressure to our north will move off the U.S. east coast over night...gradually shifting winds to the SE-SSE over night. A modestly strong pressure gradient will become established during the course of the day, Friday, as the wind becomes more southerly and increases under considerable high cloudiness streaking overhead in prelude to the approaching system. Very mild overnight low temperatures for tonight, probably well above 60 degrees along the coast.

TOMORROW: Warmest of days for a while. Could even get up to 80 degrees pretty much everywhere..if not a few degrees warmer away from the coast. Lots of high clouds though with an increasing middle layer deck through the course of the day. But pretty much no rain except for those west and north of I-4 during the daylight hours. As a result, for most of Central Florida the atmosphere will feel "alive"...warm, windy, and energetic...very unlike the 'dead' of winter.

What a great way to end the work week.

FRIDAY NIGHT-SATURDAY MORNING: Alas, it's not spring yet...and as such, we will be dutifully reminded. As has been advertised for several days now, this is the period we are most likely to receive rain and possibly thunder. Some how this year has almost always managed to give us the possibility of the worst of weather when it's dark...curses. There is still the possibility of some thunderstorms with this system...some of which could have strong winds...but as has been the course of events for this year instability will be greatly lacking. But good speed shear will create the possibility for some robust updrafts, so a strong storm or two with strong winds will not be discounted. All of the most active weather for East Central Florida will occur somewhere between 3am and sunrise. Might add, our warmest temperature of the day on Saturday will likely be within 1-2 hours of sunrise.

SATURDAY NOON-TUESDAY: The system will have cleared most of the state by noon and cold /dry air advection will ensue. Back to winter in other words. Expect sky conditions to greatly improve, but don't think we'll like the very cool and breezy NW winds that will accompany those clearing skies. Sunday and Monday will be cold with lows in the low-mid 40s west of the Indian River and upper 40s to near 50 east of there both mornings. We could be hard pressed to reach 60 degrees on Sunday! Good day to be inside for Big Game preparations. But given that we are almost 1 1/2 months past our shortest day of the year (December 21)...the greater sun angle under clear skies might help us break 60 on Sunday...just maybe. More assuredly on Monday, especially as the wind will start to swing around more toward the NNE.

Should add, as alluded to we are getting to the point where we are getting longer days and a higher sun angle. This can make forecasting afternoon high temperatures a little tricky during this time of the year.

BEYOND TUESDAY: As is almost always the case a few days after frontal passage, winds will swing around to a more easterly component in preparation for the next approaching system. At this time it looks more like it will merely bring a return to slightly cooler weather, and vigorous 'storm activity' does not appear to be nearly as likely...if indeed it even rains upon its arrival. That's quite some time from now...must first "survive" this cool/cold 'two day snap'. Does this mean we have to wear long pants again? GASP!!

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