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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Temperatures To Approach Above Normal - Finally

Photo: One of two camcorder mounts ordered through Shown is a window mount for the car. The other one I order is a combo window/dash mount. These will be used for storm video/photographs

SYNOPSIS: High pressure directly overhead this morning to shift east later today as a cold frontal system takes shape over Kansas, Oklahoma, and N. Texas this afternoon. This system will shift east to northeast through week's end, bringing a frontal boundary into our area late Friday. In the meantime, temperatures will continue to moderate and warm to, if not above, seasonal norms by Friday afternoon.

TODAY: Calm, clear start to the day with a sunrise temperature of 57 degrees. Today will be a ditto copy of yesterday as high pressure passes across the state. Just a few "sparsed"  cirrus clouds for most of the day but increasing by mid-late afternoon as a storm system takes shape over the southern and central Plains region. This system could bring some severe weather to parts of S. Oklahoma and N. Texas today. Lucky dogs! Probably no tornadoes but big hail is surely in the offing for them. Winds will be generally light and variable but eventually take on an easterly component at less than 7 mph by mid-day.

TONIGHT: Increasing high clouds as the high pressure moves out to the Atlantic and the frontal system in the Plains creeps closer. Very light east wind at less than 5mph along with some cloud cover will prevent the low temperature from falling below 60 degrees (which is above climatological norms). We'll shoot for a low of 64.

THURSDAY: Diffusely cloudy with mainly high clouds (filtered sunlight in other words) with a light southeast wind of less than 10mph. High temperature around 76 degrees during the hours of 3-4:30pm. Probably a few degrees cooler within 3 blocks of the shoreline though.

THURSDAY NIGHT: Cloudy with a low around 69...can you believe that!? Light southeast wind of 5 mph or less.

FRIDAY: Overcast with high and mid level clouds and a high of..get this..80 degrees. FINALLY. Can we do it? Well, we'll have a southwest wind (no sea breeze) why not? Let's do it! However, the chance of rain will come into the picture by afternoon. Let's say there's a pretty good chance of rain somewhere within Brevard County and a high likelihood it will rain somewhere across East Central Florida during the mid-late afternoon. Maybe even some thunder.

FRIDAY NIGHT: Rain chances wane considerably with skies clearing and a low of around 67. Light west wind.

SATURDAY: As stated yesterday, a stellar day with a high around 75 degrees with a light but somewhat cool feeling wind along the ocean of 10mph. Temperatures right along the shoreline will be a few degrees lower. High pressure will again be passing over but will rapidly be yielding to the next system that will be already approaching.

SATURDAY NIGHT/SUNDAY: The next system, and last one for quite some time, will approach during the latter portions of the weekend. Sunday will start out about the same as Saturday morning with almost clear skies and a low around 66 degrees but warming to about 79 by afternoon. It now looks like the next system won't affect us rain wise until we're good for the weekend as far as rain chances go.

MONDAY - SEEMINGLY FOREVER: No storm systems in the making for us with lows continuing in the 65 degree window and highs hovering around 75 plus or minus 2 degrees for a number of days. Possibly getting even warmer though as we get into mid-week (next week). No sig rain chances noted at this time.

So, from the looks of it...we might not be getting into the 50s at all anymore this early spring season. We can officially pack away the coats but I might hold on to the sweater being the cool-weather-wimp that I am.  Like I say..."if it ain't 85 degrees, it ain't warm enough!"

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