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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Coldest Temperatures of The Season to Rebound Quickly Saturday

Late December of 2010, Frost Over Many Areas
TODAY: Cold front is on its way into South Florida this morning with rains ending and clearing already having worked it's way toward the I-4 heading toward 7AM. Clearing line to work south mid morning . Freezing readings are seen in the latest surface observations across much of the panhandle as of 6AM.  
NW wind and much cooler today with highs possibly reaching 60F in the midst of cold air 'advection' (incoming colder air filtration) along a line from Cape Canaveral to South Tampa Bay with 50Fs north of that line. Any 60F degree reading near that line will be brief though with the predominant mode being mid-upper 50Fs with lower 60Fs for South Central Florida. 

TONIGHT -THURSDAY: A secondary cold front with the onset of the coldest temperatures of the season and even last year appears to be on the way breaking headway after the 10 pm - midnight time frame for the "Central Florida" region.  This air will be accompanied by breezy winds gusting to over 20 mph with wind chill advisories already to be hoisted for Thursday morning. Widespread mid- upper 30Fs this morning even at the coast and very cool to 'cold' all day with highs Dead Central and north in the lower 50Fs to even upper 40Fs ('North') with mid upper 50Fs further south ;  60Fs restricted to the Deep South of Florida. The National Weather Service is talking about this and  will all be well advertised on local media outlets.

FRIDAY: Talk of wide spread freeze for zones mainly west of US1 and especially west of I-95 . Latest NAM shows a pocket of  coldest air west of Orlando but much of the state will be blanketed in the upper 20Fs to low to mid 30Fs (mainly below 35F in general) . Wind much lighter this day, so there might also be the chance of 'frost' but it's a bit too early to get into the refined details at this point. Friday will be also very cool to cold in the afternoon but the wind will be much lighter with highs eking out in the lower - mid 50Fs to upper 40Fs (North). But changes are in the waiting...overnight for the east coast, post the 2AM time frame.

SATURDAY - SUNDAY: Fairly consistence implications are that east coasters from the Cape South along and east of the A1A Strip (primarily) could wake up to morning 'lows' nearly 7-10 degrees warmer than the afternoon HIGH temperatures of the previous day...or in the lower 60Fs. Statewide though, by afternoon the temperatures could be nearly 20 degrees warmer than they will be Thursday and Friday .  We will go from coldest of the year and well below normal to easily 'normal' to above it  Saturday, with Sunday being even warmer. The 70Fs will return with a vengeance.

THE NEXT FONT SLATED FOR AROUND TUESDAY: But details are inconsistent with the passage of 'said boundary' and how far south it will actually work. Unusually cold air is not foreseen with this front regardless  but rain chances might need to be introduced somewhere between Monday and Tuesday with the quick onset of stiff SE winds (and hence 'moisture') foreseen later Saturday and Saturday night and all through Sunday.

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